11 Things Google Assistant can help you with!

Google Assistant, Google’s voice-activated Assistant, is now available for download. Initially, Google Assistant was intended to be a personal extension of Google Now and a way to expand on the capabilities of Google’s “OK Google” voice control system. To begin with, Google Now performed a decent job of providing you with relevant search results. Because it knew where you worked, when you had meetings and travel plans, and even which sports teams you supported.

Google’s Assistant service, which is a modified version of Google Now, offers another level of customization and a wide range of voice control options. Google Assistant accepts both text and voice input and will follow along with your conversation regardless of which mode you choose.

What is the capability of Google’s virtual helper, dubbed Google Assistant?

You may complete several tasks after saying “OK Google” or “Hey Google” to activate the Google Assistant using voice commands, speech searches, and voice-activated device control. It’s intended to be a tool for you to engage in conversation with others.

You can request assistance from Google Assistant with the following 11 things:

  • Take command of your electronic devices and intelligent home system.
  • Collect information by using your personal calendars and other data sources to your advantage.
  • Acquire information from the internet on anything from meal reservations to directions, weather, and the latest news.
  • Take control of the music that is playing in the background of the meeting.
  • Stream content using your Chromecast or other devices that are compatible with it.
  • Make use of alarms and chimes to remind you of important tasks.
  • Schedule appointments and communicate with others via text or email.
  • Open the applications on your smartphone.
  • Use its Nearby feature to get advice on places to eat, drink or shop
  • Translations of spoken words that are done in real-time
  • Let it search images for you

Here are a few more particular examples:

  • Allow Assistant to act as your telephone operator the next time you need to establish a phone connection. You may sit back and relax as long as you instruct it to contact any publicly traded company or any individual on your contact list. If you require complete hands-free operation while driving, include the phrase “on speakerphone” after your request.
  • With Google Assistant, you may send a text message without lifting a finger by just saying “text”, followed by the person’s name to whom you want to send the message. The Assistant will display your message on the screen as soon as you’ve finished dictating and would ask if you’d like to make any changes. If your eyes are fixed on the road, and you cannot look down, simply saying “send it” would do the job.
  • Using Assistant, it’s also straightforward to find emails in Gmail. For example, saying “Find my email from a specific person,” or “Find my email about a specific topic,” can return results as quickly as saying “Find my email from” or “Find my email about.” As an alternative to Gmail, you can browse Google’s website for third-party add-ons such as Mail Triage, which extends Assistant’s capabilities to include email activities for Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook.com.

There’s no need to say

“Hey Google” any longer when you have follow-up inquiries for the search engine. To avoid the need to type in a trigger phrase all the time, Google listens to what you’re saying and answers as appropriate. With the use of speech recognition technology, Google can recognize the individual who is speaking and respond with a customized response to them. It is also possible to request more than one thing at the same time.

Because Google Assistant knows who you are and what you’re talking about, you might expect a more intelligent response from it. Voice control now has significantly greater power and is no longer restricted to reacting to certain words or commands as it was previously. It has been created to be more than merely a reactive response.

Interpreter Mode is available on Google Nest devices and intelligent displays, allowing you to check-in for a flight, book lodging with a group of friends, and interact with an interpreter. Using this software, you may talk in a range of languages with the assistance of Google Assistant. The moment you say, “Hey Google, be my Spanish interpreter”, to activate Interpreter Mode, you will be able to receive the real-time translation in both spoken and written form. Nest devices, which use Google Assistant for intelligent home control, are becoming increasingly popular. You can control various devices with your voice, like turning on and off the lights and heating, among other things.

So, these were a few of our suggestions. What are you using Google assistant for? If we have missed out on anything that you feel is relevant, suggest in the comment section below.