3 Great Apps To Handle Smartphone Addiction

Today, phones have become an indispensable part of our lives. Going a day without it is impossible to even imagine. It is unbelievable that a product that was launched to fulfill luxury needs has become a necessity. Whether it is booking a cab, ordering food, managing your activity schedule, setting an alarm, counting daily steps walked, clicking a picture, or watching your favorite show, you name it and you can do it all through your phone. 

A phone is your go-to device for everything and to the extent that other gadgets like a clock, a camera, or a planner are redundant now. All is good in the hood till the time we are controlling it and not vice-versa. But, if we are at a social gathering, out for a family dinner, or in the middle of an important business meeting but just can’t keep our eyes off the phone that means we have turned into a smartphone addict. A recent study showed that a person touches his/her screen a whopping 2,617 times a day. Isn’t that crazy? Having your eyes glued to your mobile screen all the time has many drawbacks like:

  • Strained and Dry eyes
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Distracted mind
  • Sleeping problems
  • Higher chances of feeling depressed
  • Poor performance at studies/work 

These ill effects of overusing your phone can’t be taken lightly. And your screen time needs immediate tracking. 

Did you know that you could use the same smartphone to optimize your screen time and have a balanced life with the help of some great apps? Now you can easily curb your smartphone addiction and train yourself to use your phone less. Let’s get to know some of these apps:

1. Digital Detox: This app helps one break smartphone addiction and stop procrastination on important tasks. By using this app you could disconnect from your phone and discover ways to practice digital detox. It has amazing features like challenges that limit your access to your phone, Playing games, scheduling and whitelisting capabilities, etc. All these help you get out of the constant fear of missing out and build strong resilience and willpower to be more productive in life.

2. Lock&Stock: This app helps you to reduce screen time and enhances your ability to focus. It also helps one build good habits. It enables you to win rewards by curbing your screen time. Another great thing about this app is that you can use these rewards to help and educate underprivileged kids. This app has also been awarded as the most innovative digital well-being solution app in 2021. Lock&Stock app features like lock timer/mode, zen master, and educate a child- are very interesting and help one make more productive use of their time rather than being glued to the screen all the time. 

3. Flipd: If you want to manage and use your time well, then you must have the Flipd app installed on your phone. You could practically take care of everything through this app, for example, timed usage of the phone, preparing for exams, making a task list and ticking them off, and more. This app challenges you to put your phone aside and track your activity. This app will send you constant reminders to stay focused on the task at hand without getting distracted unnecessarily. You can download the app, Flipd on Android and iOS.

Conclusion: To have a productive day, you need to have your priorities set right. The above-mentioned apps will help you prioritize what matters the most in your life and cut out all the extra time that you waste scrolling your phone incessantly.