5 beautiful lessons taught by refurbished phones

Learning need not always come from humans. It can also come from inanimate objects. Yes, that’s so true. You need to keep your eyes and ears wide open to listen to them and they’ll pour in some beautiful lessons. In this article, we’ll be lending voice to a fellow refurbished mobile phone, who has 5 beautiful lessons for you. So, brace yourselves and bless your ears with some beautiful learning by these refurbished phones.

Let’s get started!

Lesson 1: Low priced products aren’t always inferior

Low Price Product aren't always inferior

Humans possess something known as price illusion. You are bound to think that products that are expensive are always better in terms of quality, whereas products priced relatively cheaper are inferior. This is not true at all. Everything that is priced lower need not be inferior and refurbished phones are a prime example of the same. They are priced much lower but the benefits associated and the quality is just unmatched. So, it’s high time to get rid of this price illusion.

Lesson 2: Joy of saving

Joy of Saving

Refurbished phones make you experience the joy of saving. It encourages you to save bucks, which no doubts, is a good habit. The experience of purchasing a smartphone, which is just like a brand new one at upto 70% discounted price is super amazing. It enables you to save big and at the same time fulfil your needs. What could be better than this?

Lesson 3: Certain things do deserve a second chance

Protection of environment

Refurbished phones are the products, most of which were faulty at first. But, they were given a second chance, which allowed them to come out as a better version of themselves and serve the respective customers. This teaches us that some things, even humans for that matter, deserve a second chance and we should grant one.

Everyone makes mistakes, right? We should act rational and allow them to rectify it and come out as a better individual.

Lesson 4: Conservation of natural resources

One of the most important lessons taught! Making smartphones involves massive use of non-renewable, precious natural resources and energy. By choosing a refurbished phone, you are preventing the wastage of these precious natural resources which is very important in today’s era. So, do think twice before involving in activities that cause harm or reckless wastage of natural resources.

Lesson 5: Protection of environment

Refurbished phones are eco-friendly alternatives. It reduces not only the contribution to e-waste but also the disastrous impact caused to air, land, water and the overall nature. So, protection of the environment is another important lesson imparted. It holds a good amount of significance and the sooner we act in this direction, the better it would be for the environment as well as mankind.

So, these were the 5 lessons taught by our dear Mr. Refurbished iphone 6 Must say, this fellow is pretty sensible and insightful. Let’s not just listen to these lessons but also comply with the same for our good.

What other lessons do you think refurbished products teach us?

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