Welcome to Windows 11! Microsoft is all set to roll out its next generation of windows – Windows 11 soon this year. The new version is coming up with a bunch of exciting features that you really cannot miss on. This includes the design, performance boost and many more. In this article, we have covered 5 of those catchy features. Trust us, they are good. So, why wait?

Let’s dive straight in on –  5 features you must know about new Microsoft Windows 11

  1. Android apps support
Android Apps Support

Windows 11 now, will be supporting android apps as well. Starting later this year, you can find android applications in the Microsoft store. Windows has partnered with Amazon for integrating these apps and hence, you will be able to download them from Amazon Appstore. The company will be adding apps like Adobe Creative Cloud, Zoom, Microsoft teams, Notepad, paint and a lot more to Microsoft store on windows 11.

  • Upgraded Gaming experience
Upgraded Gaming Experience

Good news for all the gamers out there! The new windows 11 supports features like Auto HDR, inbuilt Xbox app and DirectStorage. All of these can totally elevate your gaming experience by offering immersive graphics at high frame rates, a better visual experience and faster load times. In addition, you will have access to over 100 high-quality games and stream titles through Xbox cloud gaming. Isn’t that super exciting?

  • Focus on multitasking feature
Multitasking Feature

Windows 11 comes with different snap layouts, which allows you to get better control of your screen estate. Basically, you will be able to create a desktop and customise the same as per your requirements. You can organise the windows and optimize your screen real estate so that you can layout things as per your liking. Isn’t that cool? You can have a separate desktop for work, gaming, side-hustle, etc. This can really give a real boost to your multitasking experience.

  • Fresh sleeker interface (similar to macOS and Chrome OS)
Fresh Sleeker Interface

It’s not just about the new functions but windows 11 has also got a refreshing look, which is very similar to macOS and Chrome OS. In this new version, you will find the start menu on the taskbar that is centrally located. The design of the icons is also slightly different. Other than that, you can now access recent files and search for applications. Since all of these are somewhat new and different from the older version, it may take you some time to get used to the new Windows 11 but it’s worth the effort.

  • Updated widgets
Updated Widgets

Via windows 11, you can now access widgets which provide curated info powered by Microsoft Edge. These widgets can slide over your desktop to show you news, calendar, to-do list, recent pictures, weather, etc. You are free to add and remove these widgets whenever you feel like. Further, you can also view these on full screen to have a bird view. People are going to love this particular feature for sure!

So, these were the 5 must know features of the new Microsoft Windows 11! How did you find them? Would you want to shift to this newer version once launched?

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