Looking for some information, Google it. Want to find out the way, Google it. Want to be abreast with the latest news, Google it. The moment we need some information, we don’t take a minute and type it on Google and wait for the best search results. Period! What if there are some other search engines worth trying.

Over the last few years, Google has created an image for itself that nothing but Google can answer all our queries and concerns.  Though there is no denying that Google is a powerful tool which has changed how knowledge transcends today but coming to the fact that how Google collects the data we search and targets the ads accordingly is not funny. That’s kind of direct infringement of our privacy, isn’t it?

So, in response to your next question – What if not Google, we have already shortlisted a few other search engines which are as powerful and useful as Google and provide information with equally good results. 

Bing Search Engine | MobiGarage

1.Bing – A Microsoft owned search engine that is gaining ground in the industry today. With an ever-changing colourful background, Bing sources its information from the Yahoo Search.  Available in more than 40 languages, it has features like News, Maps, Images, Videos, Translation, Spell-check etc.

Yahoo Search Engine | MobiGarage

2.Yahoo – Another old name you must have heard of is yahoo. Though Yahoo lost momentum after Google emerged but there is a small % of users who are still loyal to Yahoo. Available in 38 languages, it has the largest news portal and it also serves as an online shopping centre, travel directory, games centre, free mail services etc etc. Yahoo has its own Question & Answer service also where people can ask their daily queries and this feature was pretty unique before the launch of Question and Answer site Quora.

Duck duck go search Engine | MobiGarage

3.Duck Duck Go – For all those people who are conscious about their privacy, Duck Duck Go is the option. The best part is that you can use the search engine without being tracked. That means there are no ads chasing you. This makes the portal unique and special. Duck Duck Go also has an inbuilt short cut!bang. Just type! before your search and it will directly take you to the requested search like !a  (for Amazon), !w (for Wikipedia). Other than this, the portal offers all other features like Google but on a single page with infinite scrolling facility.

Qwant Search Engine | MobiGarage

4.Qwant – A distinctly designed search engine which emphasizes a lot on data protection, Qwant is pretty much like Duck Duck Go. The search results appear neatly in a table form with categories as Web, News, Images, Social and Videos. Like !bang, it also has a “Quick search shortcuts” feature where you enter “&” followed by your search and it will directly take you there. For eg. &a (for Amazon), &alexa (for Alexa). With a special focus on music, music lovers would love it as the site has a dedicated section where one can look for new & upcoming music.   

Startpage| ixquick Search Engine | MobiGarage

5.Startpage/ ixquick – While most of the search engines were sending queries to other browsers, ixquick was one which was showing results on its own page and not sending it to other search engines. Later, they also launched another search engine called Startpage to fetch Google results but without any personal tracking. Startpage & ixquick got merged in 2009 and the result was a search engine which would offer you the best results without interfering with your privacy as it doesn’t capture or store the personal data of the user nor does it let other websites track users.

With such great options available in the market, we feel that you must try some of them and then decide whether to Google it or Bing it. What do you say? Read and suggest.   

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