With the ever-growing smartphone market, you have a variety of options to choose from like Samsung Galaxy, iPhones, or the One Plus range today. But have you ever thought that buying these brand-new sets may cost you a fortune? Have you ever thought of buying a Refurbished phone that is affordable, and just like new? To understand what refurbished phones are and how they work, continue reading the information mentioned below. 

In this blog, we will give you 6 major reasons to Why you should buy a Refurbished Phone?

So, let’s begin – 

Well, first of all, let’s understand the difference between a used phone and a refurbished phone. Usually used phones are those phones that are given to you as it is, in the same condition as with the last user. They also come with no warranty. On the other hand refurbished phones as the name suggests are checked, refurbished and polished in a manner that they look just-like-new. They are also offered with a warranty that gives you further assurance. 

Buying a refurbished phone is a smart idea, here are the reasons why so?

  • Low in price: Who would not want to get a high-end smartphone but at a minimal cost. This happens with refurbished smartphones.You get such phones at half the price of the new smartphone. Isn’t that interesting? Research by Envirofone, found out that some smartphones lose their value by 70 % in the first week of their launch. That means buying a refurbished smartphone can turn out to be a profitable deal. 
  • Makes the environment happy: Unfortunately, these high prized gadgets are not friendly to the environment. There is a lot of waste generated every year solely from gadgets, laptops, computers, and electronics. So, if you really care about the environment and your carbon footprints and want to go green, then you should go for refurbished phones as is a great way to help the environment in the long run. 

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  • Exactly like the new one: A refurbished phone goes through rigorous phone checks and tests before coming to you. Accordingly, proper grading is given to the smartphone solely on its physical condition. It is always advisable to buy a Grade A smartphone. It is better to buy a refurbished phone than a used phone. Refurbished phones are well tested and inspected whereas used phones are given just like that without any checks and tests. 
  • Certified: Refurbished smartphones are tested, refurbished, repaired and replaced according to their requirements. MobiGarage deals in refurbished smartphones, ensuring that the phone goes through all the checks and trials before getting sold. The smartphones are certified and checked by the trained technicians in the high end labs at MobiGarage.    
  • Warranty: Most of the companies and brands who sell refurbished products do not provide a warranty. That’s why people are often not so confident in buying refurbished smartphones. But a reliable company like MobiGarage will give you upto 6 months warranty with your smartphone. Apart from it, MobiGarage.com can also help you repair the phone if you purchase your refurbished smartphone from them and it goes faulty. 
  • The great way towards Premium phones: If you want to buy your favorite brand’s smartphone at a much lesser price then, your wait is over. You will get premium refurbished smartphones without having to pay the whopping amount. Now getting a premium smartphone is hassle free and affordable. Isn’t that great?. 


Hope the above 6 reasons give you enough confidence to consider buying a refurbished smartphone. Do not worry and just dive into it. It is always a good idea and a smart decision to indulge in refurbished smartphones rather than buying a new one. Refurbished phones are affordable, with a warranty, environment friendly, and whatnot. If you are also planning to book your refurbished smartphone this time, check the website here for more information. Online portal offering mobile services like refurbished phones, mobile repairs, and spares. | MobiGarage