The tech world is running super quick. There’s an invention of innovative, useful and interesting device every other day by one or the other company. In this article, we have picked 7 coolest tech gadgets of 2021 (some launched and some are set to be launched this year). So, without diverging anywhere…let’s quickly have a look at them. 

Are you ready? Here we go!

1. Lenovo Thinkbook Plus Gen 2i

The first on the list is a super cool laptop by Lenovo. It has a display on the outside lid, which allows you to access calendar, email and few more things without opening the laptop. Taking your multitasking to a new level, the device has got E-ink display (with garaged smart pen), thinner and lighter design, stunning visuals and 3D audio by Dolby Atmos.  

Lenovo Thinkbook Plus Gen 2i

2. Samsung The Frame

A TV that looks like a picture frame when not in use. The screen hangs like a real frame and blends in seamlessly from any angle to enhance your space! What else? The TV has got Art Mode which means when the frame is turned off (while in art mode), it displays a beautiful art collection in a way that matches your style. In addition, the frame is able to sense surrounding sound in real time and can accordingly adjust volume and clarity. This super gadget comes with multiple voice assistants, mob mirroring and multi view option. Sounds interesting! Isn’t it?

 Samsung The Frame

3. Samsung JetBot 90 AI

Another exciting gadget of the year is a robotic vacuum cleaner by Samsung. The gadget makes your home cleaning process far quicker and easier. It uses LIDAR sensor and video cameras to navigate the floor accurately. Once it has finished cleaning, the device returns to its Clean Station and empties the vacuum’s bin also for you. All by itself. Isn’t it cool? Now, what you all need to do is just order the robot and get the job done while you sit and relax. 

Samsung JetBot 90 AI

4. ColdSnap Icecream Maker

Want to prepare some instant ice cream?  Yes, this device enables you to make single-serve pod dispensed ice cream, frozen margaritas and smoothies. All you will have to do is select your pod, insert it into the machine, wait 60-90 seconds for the contents to freeze and lastly, enjoy your frozen treat! This cool device is comfortable indeed as the prep time is negligible, no-clean up is required and the pods are fully recyclable. Device looks yumilicious.

ColdSnap Icecream Maker

5. Pocketalk S

A translator device, which can listen to a language being spoken around and has the ability to translate it instantly in 82 different languages. The device comes with high-quality noise cancellation microphones and two powerful speakers. Imagine, next time you plan your travel to any country and take this device along. Things would be much easier because you can easily understand the local language. What say?

Pocketalk S

6. The Perso by Saint Laurent

With our next gadget, you have the power to create your own personalized lipstick at home. Yes, it’s true. The device has got 3 color cartridges using which you can make thousands of shades. The device allows 3 ways to create the desired shade – shade wheel, shade match and shade stylist. The device is currently available in the US and will be launched worldwide by September 2021. Let’s wait and watch.

The Perso by Saint Laurent

7. Ampere Shower Power

Next in line is a Bluetooth speaker that can be attached to any showerhead. The device is powered by the water flowing through it. Its housing is fabricated from recycled ocean plastic, making it eco-friendly too. Now, enjoy your favourite music while in shower. Perfect combination!

Ampere Shower Power

So, that was our list of 7 exciting gadgets of 2021!

Which one did excite you the most? What other new cool gadgets do you know about? Do let us know in the comment section below.