Hey! Congratulations on having a new refurbished phone! Now, what will you be doing with the old smartphone is an important thing to consider? Do not just keep it idle and let it gather dust or dump it in the garbage bin. It might seem like a waste to you but in reality, it isn’t. You can put your old phones to great purpose…but for that, you should know how. This is exactly what we’re going to help you with through this article. We have mentioned 7 GENIUS ways to repurpose your old smartphone.

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Go through all of them and make a right choice. 

1. Keep it as a backup phone

A cell phone is a vital requirement. What if something unfavourable happens to your new or refurbished phone that you recently bought? What if your phone gets stolen/ lost/ dead? You would be in REAL trouble. In such case, if you have an old phone handy, it would be a BIG-BIG life-saver. It can turn out to be a great short-term rescue option for you to make emergency calls or to use daily-use apps like facebook, instagram, spotify, twitter, google pay, whatsapp or any such application. Thus, keeping your old smartphone as a backup is a fair idea. 

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2. Use it as a wireless webcam

Due to COVID-19, now-a-days almost all the interactions are carried on through video conferencing. At these times…if you do not have the Webcam on your PC or laptop but you do have it on your old smartphone, you need not worry! You can turn your smartphone into a Webcam. To learn more in this regard, visit https://www.pcmag.com/how-to-turn-your-smartphone-into-a-wireless-webcam

3. E-book reader

If you love reading books but cannot afford a Kindle or an e-book reader, you need not worry! Turn your old smartphone into an e-book reader. Install the Amazon Kindle app, get access to free books, make some purchases if you wish and you have your e-book reader ready. You can just lock all the other apps (if they are of no use) and keep just digital book reader with you. This is a great idea for bibliophiles. 

4. Make a digital photo frame out of it

Photos are a beautiful medium of refreshing our memories. How about making a digital photo frame out of your old smartphone? Doesn’t that sound like a super idea? Get a stand, plugin your charger and turn it into cloud-connected photo frame. You can just pick one photo or can start the slideshow which will enable your app to cycle through your photos. This is a great creative way to reflect on your good old-time memories. Isn’t it?

5. Turn it into a kid-friendly learning tool

Kids today love using smartphones. So, why don’t you get little creative and engage them in learning new things via smartphone. Yes! You should try that. No, you need not buy a new phone for that…why would you when you already have an old one? Install some useful educational applications for kids, download different content, disable the access to unwanted apps, set screen-time limits, do all the needful stuff and hand over the phone to your little ones under your strict guidance. It can also act like a last-minute rescue device for your little one to attend his/ her online classes in case of any failure with the laptop/ PC especially these days when all the classes are happening online. 

6. Sell it

This one is quite obvious, right? If you do not need it anymore, sell it off! Check out different sites, meet different vendors, look where you are able to make the best deal and sell it. Always make sure to completely reset your device before giving it out, make sure that you have removed the memory card and cleared all your confidential details. If not, you’ll end up getting in unnecessary troubles. 

7. Donate it

Today, the entire teaching-learning system is online. It is all carried through digital mediums of mobile, laptop or PC. Fortunately, we can afford these means for our kids. But what about the poor, underprivileged kids? They are missing their classes because of no accessibility to digital means. In such a scenario, if you step forward and donate your old smartphone to the needy… it is going to serve a GREAT purpose! It will help a kid learn well and this deed will also contribute to their happiness and well-being. Thus, this is definitely a philanthropic alternative. 

Aren’t these 7 great ways to repurpose old smartphones

It’s always better if you put your old smartphone to some or the other use rather than just dump it in a landfill. That’s what we have tried helping you with in this article. What other purposes can be served using your old smartphone? Do let us know in the comment section below! 

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