Buying a new phone with all the latest feature often becomes challenging especially because of its exorbitant pricing. Not many people know that there is a very good option in the market which you must explore. The option of buying a refurbished phone from a reliable source. This option could not only save you a good amount of money but also help you upgrade to a phone with all the latest features. Features and specifications that you always wanted but couldn’t afford because of the prices. This is where refurbished phones come to your rescue. You can get the smartphone of your choice at a relatively cheaper price. Yes, this is a major plus point of refurbished phones. However, the term “refurbished” does not really tend to completely satisfy customers. This is because of various myths associated with this term. Through this article – 7 most common myths surrounding refurbished phones, we’re going to bust these myths and make you step towards reality. So, bear with us for the next couple of minutes and you’ll know soon.

Here comes the list! 

Myth 1: Refurbished phones are same as second-hand phone 

‘Refurbished phone’ and ‘Second-hand phone’ are two different terms with two different meanings. Second-hand phones are the ones that are pre-used by the owner for a considerably longer duration. However, refurbished phones are returned unused due to some manufacturing defects. These defects are later repaired and sold with the ‘refurbished’ tag. To clear all the doubts about the difference between both, read our blog –

Myth 2: Refurbished phones usually have Low Battery life

Another popular misconception. Customers believe that batteries drain out quickly in the refurbished phones. But this is not the case. These devices are fully-tested and stringently checked before putting it out for sale and in the process, the battery also gets examined. If faulty, they are replaced with the new one and only then proceeded for sale. 

Myth 3: There must be something wrong with these refurbished phones

Another popular myth. Cheap priced products are not always inferior in terms of quality. Though these smartphones are defective in the beginning and hence, returned to the manufacturer but later, they are repaired, checked well and then only sold. Predicting that these refurbished phones are always faulty is completely wrong. 

Myth 4: Refurbished phones aren’t safe to purchase 

As the customers believe that the refurbished phones are pre-owned, they fear buying them as they are worried about the device being hacked and their data being stolen. What you guys need to understand is refurbished phones are unused. Hence, there is no such risk involved. If you’re still doubtful, you can choose to factory reset the device, which will wipe off all the harmful data. 

Myth 5: Refurbished phones are more prone to repairs and maintenance issues

This is again a famous myth. These phones might have had some issue in the beginning when they were sold but after they are returned and repaired, these become as good as new. Once they are tagged refurbished and made available for sale, they are already repaired and seen that they function well. Further, most of them come with a warranty. Even if any issue pops up on the device, take it in for a claim and get the repair done without any hassles. 

Myth 6: Refurbished phones are not that cheap

Debunking this myth becomes SO important. Because this is SO false. Refurbished phones are actually very cheap as compared to the brand new phones. People not able to afford brand new phones can easily choose refurbished ones as an affordable alternative. They are usually available at 20-40% lower costs. This is definitely a cheap, affordable and pocket-friendly option.

Myth 7: Refurbished phone are often fake 

Yeah, some corrupt sellers do sell fake smartphones. But ‘refurbished phones are often fake’ is a wrong generalization. Genuine refurbished phones do exist. To avoid bagging fake phones, make sure that you buy the refurbished phone from a reputable seller like MobiGarage. Do your research well and take a final decision. We do not advise you to buy it from the private seller as it can be risky. 

That was it, these were the 7 famous myths surrounding refurbished phones. We hope that now you realize that oh…these are just the myths associated with refurbished mobile phones and not the reality. Yeah, definitely! But, always make sure to purchase these devices from a reputable seller or else things might get problematic. 

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