What comes to your mind when you hear the word, ‘Refurbished’?  

Usually, used phones, broken, non-working goods or devices? No, don’t think like that. The dynamics of the refurbished market are changing. A certified refurbished product can actually turn out to be a great deal. If you are someone who does not want to burn a hole in the pocket by buying expensive branded electronic devices, then a certified refurbished product from a reliable place isn’t a bad idea at all. In fact, we have listed down 7 refurbished products that are always a good deal. Hold tight, take a deep breath and read on to know. 

Before diving deep into it, let’s first try to understand what are refurbished products?

It’s as simple as it sounds i.e Refurbished or polished. All those products which were once bought by somebody, but returned due to minor faults or defects fall into the category of refurbished. Such devices are rehauled and corrected by the retailer and are sold again to a customer. The only caution that you need to take while buying such products is to check out the seller’s history and reviews. Once checked, you can easily invest in a refurbished product. 
We have also listed some key points to examine before buying a refurbished smartphone. You can check out here Read the latest in mobile technology and industry (mobigarage.com) 

Why should you buy refurbished products?

The advantages of buying refurbished products are quite appealing and are mentioned as below –

  • Affordable price – The price is the primary factor for buying a refurbished product. The prices are much lesser than a brand-new product of your favorite brand. According to Digital Trends, the price of laptops, smartphones, speakers, etc are usually 50 % lesser than the actual price. Isn’t that a steal deal??
  • Warranties – If you buy such refurbished products from a genuine retailer or store, you get a warranty of about 30 to 90 days. That means the product can be exchanged or returned in case there is any problem with the device during the warranty period. That’s quite reassuring. 
  • Prompt Customer Service – Customer support is always available if you purchase a refurbished product from a reputed retailer. Just get in touch with their customer care team and get quick answers to your queries. 

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Now that you know what does the term refurbished mean and why should you be buying them, we are listing down 7 refurbished products that are always a good deal –

1. Refurbished Smartphones

With the increasing inflow of affordable refurbished smartphones penetrating the Indian market, the government of India has kick started its Digital India initiative. The refurbished smartphone market is also gaining momentum with it. Affordable pricing, assured warranty, and quality accessories are making polished smartphones gain prominence across the world.

Refurbished Smartphones
2. Refurbished Laptops

The major advantage of buying a refurbished laptop is that you can get it at a much lesser price compared to the new one. Also, refurbished laptops are closely inspected by trained and professional personnel before they are re-packaged and shipped. So, when you buy a refurbished laptop you know that the electronics are closely verified to work as expected.

Refurbished Laptops
3. Refurbished Watches

Some people just love the idea of buying pre-owned and vintage watches. The benefit of avoiding the initial price depreciation, getting a watch in an excellent condition and choosing from a wide range gives refurbished watches an edge over the new.

Refurbished Watches
4. Refurbished Earphones

There are numerous tech options these days, where you can opt for refurbished products. Refurbished earphones if bought from a reputed retailer will not have any wax or hairs lodged in their hinges. Thus, examine each and everything carefully before buying a refurb earphone.  

5. Refurbished Cameras

Photography is an expensive hobby these days. It is said the more expensive, the more professional you get. Refurbished cameras will do a favor to you here if you are planning to invest in a professional camera. A straight discount of 30% to 40% is something you will get if you buy a refurbished camera. So, stop thinking and start clicking!

Refurbished Cameras
6. Refurbished Television 

Who would not like to have a discount especially if planning to buy a smart TV with the latest technology? Things you should not miss while buying a refurbished television are the remotes and the connections. Check if all the inputs and functions are there that you are expecting it to have. 

Refurbished Television
7. Refurbished Kitchen appliances 

Purchasing a new look-alike or refurbished appliance is an excellent choice. The only thing which should be checked is that it runs as smoothly as a new appliance. This makes it an excellent, cost-efficient route. We would suggest you keep an open eye on its warranty. Apart from it refurbished appliances help in keeping the environment safe and clean, reducing the waste material sent to the landfill. 

Refurbished Kitchen appliances

So, this was our list of refurbished products that one can invest in. What are you waiting for now? Book your favourite refurbished electronic and get going. If there is any other refurbished product that you bought and are satisfied with, do share with us in the comments below.