One Plus 8 series of smartphones have shown remarkable craze since it was launched. Though the series was launched last year, it is still one of the best-selling models. With attractive features like design, camera, overall performance, new Oxygen OS and other handy shortcuts to customization and security features, One Plus 8 has been a winner throughout.The only factor that would make a buyer think was Pricing but if that can also be resolved by investing in a refurbished mobile or second-hand mobile category, the job is done.  

In this blog today, we are sharing some hidden features of One Plus 8, 8 Pro, and 8T that would further convince you to invest in this series. So, read on to know “7 Useful Tips & Tricks to try on a refurbished OnePlus 8, 8 Pro and 8T”.

Refurbished OnePlus
  • Always-on ambient Display- This new Oneplus series has an always-on full-fledged ambient display feature. Although this feature was available earlier also but this time it is full-fledged that lets you glance at the time and notifications the moment you pick up the phone.You can now simply schedule when you want an always-on display to show or let it stay permanently. The feature is a lot more convenient as you don’t need to tap the screen if you want to quickly check the time or alerts.
  • Using Fingerprints to lock apps- If you too are concerned about your privacy and do not want an unauthorized user to unlock your apps and data, then One plus has a solution for that as well. It allows you to lock your WhatsApp, Instagram, Gallery using the built-in App Locker feature. You can easily secure them with your fingerprint without using any third-party app.
  • Clone apps for Multi-Account usage- This is yet another very useful feature for those who use multiple social media accounts on various platforms. For example, Instagram gives you the facility of opening multiple accounts even on the same app. But WhatsApp on the other hand does not give this facility. This new feature of One Plus will help you do that. You can do this by clicking on the settings tab and swiping till the bottom, you will need to tap on the Utility tab, then Parallel Apps and then choose the apps you want to clone or duplicate.
Lock Apps
  • Launch apps using Fingerprint Scanner – The new OnePlus 8 gives you an in-display fingerprint scanner that can also be used to open apps. What you can do is, just register the fingerprints on your smartphone from the Security and Lock Screen section of the Settings app. Click on the activate the quick launch feature by turning on the Turn on Quick Launch. You just need to press and hold the fingerprint scanner to get the list of all the shortcuts available and swipe to the app without unlocking the device. 
  • Control Wi-fi and Data for Apps – Do you want to control the apps using mobile data and Wi-Fi they use? The OxygenOS has this feature that will let you block internet access for the apps that are taking unnecessary data. You can click on Settings>Apps and notification>Data usage control and click the app that you want to block using data. Tap on a small arrow-like feature to the right and choose Forbidden. And your work is done. 
  • Three-finger Screenshot- You must be bored of taking the screenshots the traditional way, right? Pressing on the power button and volume down button for a while is too boring these days. Use the gesture-based three-finger screenshot features. All you have to do on One Plus 8 and One Plus 8 Pro is swipe from the top to the bottom with your fingers. Settings> Button’s gesture >Quick gesture>Three finger screenshot.
  • Launch camera quickly- Want to open the camera quickly? Simply press the power button twice and it’s done.


That’s all for this blog. The tips and tricks of One Plus 8 and Pro and some of its quite prominent features have been covered in this blog. If you found the above blog useful, do let us know in the comment section below. If you are looking for refurbished phones and any type of mobile repair services, then connect with us at Online portal offering mobile services like refurbished phones, mobile repairs, and spares. | MobiGarage

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