If you are thinking of buying a brand new phone, think again! Do you actually require a new phone? When most of the jobs can be done with a cost-effective refurbished phone, why spend unnecessarily until of course, you have extra money to splurge. Listed below are 9 ways a refurbished mobile can increase your productivity.

Read on to know –

  • Use it as your assistant: Without being continuously hooked on to your refurbished smartphone, why not use it as your assistant who could tell you to do the right things at the right time. Set alarms and notifications that can pop up every time they are due so that you are reminded of important things to be done. 
  • Gain knowledge: You can easily use your refurbished phone to keep yourself abreast on the updated news or to learn about the world and other productive activities.
  • Use phone search: Stop wasting your time finding apps, calendar entries on your phone when you have the facility of a built-in search tool. You do not need to open the calendar app if you can easily search on the top by its name. It saves a lot of time and makes you more productive. 
  • Stay connected with the world: With apps like Google Meet, Skype, and WhatsApp, you can immediately connect with the world. Apart from it, you can set your emails in such a manner that it opens up once a new message is received without having to open it again and again manually. 
  • Delete stuff that is sucking your time: Save yourself from the social media addiction.  According to a survey, an average internet user spends 2 hours and 22 minutes on messaging apps and social networking sites. What you can do? Delete the unnecessary social media apps that are taking space as well as wasting your precious time. Imagine what all can you do by saving your precious 2 hours. 
  • Let your phone do the talking: An interesting unknown fact about the iPhone is that it can read aloud emails, text messages, app screens, web pages, etc. by itself. You should avoid looking at your phone while driving that is dangerous and risky too. Let your phone read these things aloud. You just need to turn on the feature in the Settings app, and once done, let the phone do the rest. 
  • Use your phone to determine the competition: With the help of social media like Twitter and Instagram, you can keep an active tab on your competition as to what are they currently doing, or how they are engaging with their customers? If you are in the business world keeping a tab on competition is a major task to do. You can build your strategy when you are on the go and implement it when you are on your desk. 
  • Indulge in fun activities: A smartphone can also help you indulge in some fun activities like listening to your favourite music or follow your fitness regime or practise a meditation session or read your favourite piece. Attaining knowledge will help you shape your opinions and views and develop your overall personality.


After reading all the above, don’t you realise how all this can easily be done using a refurbished phone. So, don’t take hasty decisions. Whenever you are thinking of buying a new phone, think wise. There is nothing that a refurbished phone can’t do. So, better to save your hard earned money, right!.