Irritated with the notification on your Android phone that you need to clear the phone data as the storage space is about to fill? Wondering what all documents, photos, videos to delete and what all to keep? Fret not, we have got some solutions for you as we list down a few cloud-based storage apps for you. Download them, transfer all the important data over to them and free up the storage space of your phone. Cloud storage would let you have the back-up of your android phone in a remote location accessible through any device. Want to share one of the saved files with someone, worry not, as some of these allow that as well. Useful & easy, isn’t it?

So, here we list down a few best cloud-based storage apps for your Android device –

Google Drive – This is probably the most known and the most used storage app from the house of Google. Google drive is extremely functional, offers 15 GB storage space, and syncs well with all the other Google apps like Docs, Sheets & Slides. Other than all kind of documents & spreadsheets, you could also store Photos as well as Videos. Not to miss its Photo storage feature which allows unlimited image backups at a reduced resolution. For all the reasons mentioned, it is unbeatable.

Dropbox – Another great option offering almost all the important features. Though the free version offers 2 GB free space, the subscription allows a lot more functionality other than 2 TB storage. Available on Android as well as iOS, users can use it even when offline. Latest Android design elements, MS-Office support, auto-photo upload and easy sharing options are some of its other important features.

Microsoft One Drive/ Skydrive – Another often used app from the Microsoft family is Microsoft OneDrive. It offers 5 GB free space, great & simple user-friendly UI design and access to all the types of files from any device. Another important feature is that just like Google, it integrates directly with a lot of window products like MS word, excel and PowerPoint.

Box – An app that offers great UI, 10 GB free cloud storage, provision of sharing files with others and even an option to print documents directly.

Mega – Here is an app that unlike others would allow you a whopping 50 GB storage space and an easy drag & drop interface which makes it extremely convenient to upload files, pictures and videos. Other than massive storage space, another feature that sets it apart from others is its encrypting ability to uploaded data for added security & protection. So, if you care for the privacy of your data uploaded, go for it.

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