If you have been using a smartphone for more than a year, and your battery perhaps is not working the way it used to, it is an indicator that you would soon need to change your phone. However, if you use your phone smartly and intelligently, then this period can be prolonged. All you need is smart usage of battery and some best practices that can help you maximize your smartphone battery life. It is unfortunate that battery life eventually dies after some time. Smartphone users are always in search of a phone with a prolonged battery life. The absence of replaceable batteries means your battery is going to age and deteriorate in a while. 

Let’s look into some scientifically proven practices that will help in maximizing your smartphone’s battery life. Why not follow them and get the best out of your phone. 

  • Try to avoid fast charging:  Charging your battery fast should always be avoided as fast charging stresses the battery and deteriorates its capacity in the long run. Rather, go for slow normal charging. Also charging your phone from computers or any other device can limit the flow of current, slowing the charge rate.
  • Try to avoid extreme heat or cold: We often leave our phones in extreme temperatures be it hot or cold. Try to maintain a favorable temperature for the happy working of your phone battery. Any kind of extreme whether hot or cold is harmful for the battery. So, try to be careful and keep the phone at a moderate temperature.
  • Lower the screen brightness: The bright screen of the phone indeed looks nice to the eyes but it eats away a lot of battery. So, it is good to manage the brightness manually like turning it down when there is less light is a good idea that saves your battery’s energy. Today iOS and Android both provide you with the option of manually changing the brightness even if there is a feature called auto-brightness.
  • Turn off the location services: You can save your smartphone battery life by turning off the location services. Continuous location update takes a lot of the phone’s energy. Your phone’s GPS receiver is one of the biggest power hogs that dominates due to the different apps pinging it. See if any unnecessary apps are pinging up and shut them if possible.
  • Shorten the time your screen goes to sleep: You can also save your smartphone’s battery power by keeping your phone screen dark whenever there is a bright light. This also prevents pocket dials and other screen touches. You can reach this feature by Settings-Display.
  • Turn on power saving mode: Whenever you forget to charge your phone and get notified of 10% battery left, you reach a power-saving mode. Power saving mode automatically reduces the screen brightness, reduces screen resolution, stops background network usage, and helps in many more ways. This method will greatly limit your phone’s battery and helps in maintaining its life. However, drastic and quick action to put your phone back to charge is also required and would be helpful. 
  • Turn on Airplane mode: Consider turning your battery on Airplane mode when  running low. This will turn off all the apps that are using maximum power like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. However, if you want to use any one of them, you can turn them back manually without leaving Airplane Mode. 
  • Charge only when needed: Charging your phone for too long will hurt your battery life. Usually, it takes 3 hours for your phone to charge completely. Plugging for too long or leaving it on charge overnight will harm your battery life. So, avoid that also. 


Do you also keep your smartphone charging plugged in for long or do you forget to turn off unwanted apps on your smartphone? Whatever be the reason, if you want to maintain the life of your smartphone’s battery, then I am sure the above best practices will help you maximize your phone’s battery life. 

However, if you still end up with a phone battery that’s just not responding, do reach out to us at 9999123511 or login at www.mobigarage.com. We can either help you with repairing your phone or could suggest a premium quality refurbished phone. We also hope that the above blog has answered all your questions regarding the phone’s battery life. If there is anything that still remains unanswered, do let us know in the comment section below. We will answer it shortly.