Best smartphone accessories gifts for your best friend’s birthday and you are wondering what to gift? We often think of things like a watch, perfume, a bag or maybe an attire but seldom do we think of gifting a mobile accessory. Isn’t that a great idea? Imagine someone gifting it to you on a special occasion. You would love to get something that not many people think of. Isn’t it? To make things simpler for you, here is a low-down on a few such things which could literally excite your friend.

Some amazing smartphone accessories for your closest friends :

1.      Multi-port travel USB charger –

A multi-port charger with sleek design can be a great option. No. of charging ports are never enough whether you are at work or traveling. So, the more, the merrier.   

USB charger | MobiGarage
USB charger | MobiGarage

2.      Wireless Charging dock –

Much better if you decide to gift a wireless charging dock. It’s portable, it’s wireless, it’s convenient and more importantly, it’s useful. How irritating it is to hold the phone horizontally while watching your favorite program. So, why not keep it on this stand and watch while it charges. Nice.   

Smartphone Accessories - Wireless Charging dock | Mobigarage
Wireless Charging dock | Mobigarage

3.      Portable Bluetooth speaker –

This is a great smartphone accessory for all those music lovers. The sound of the phone is generally too low to enjoy while on a night out with friends. So, a Bluetooth speaker can actually amplify it for you or your friend to enjoy the music. 

Smartphone Accessories- Blutooth speaker | Mobigarage
Bluetooth speaker | Mobigarage

4.      Arm Bands –

We all have that one friend who is a total health freak and always on the go running, jogging or exercising. Gifting an armband which he/ she could use to place the phone to enjoy the favorite music while on the move would be an appropriate choice. Don’t you agree? Compatible with most phones, this band comes with a comfortable elastic band and safe reflective borders. 

Smartphone Accessories - Arm Band | MobiGarage
Arm Band | MobiGarage

5.      Gaming Consoles –

Amp up the gaming experience of your friend by gifting one of the gaming consoles on his next promotion. Who would mind getting it as a freebie? 

Smartphone Accessories - Gaming Consoles| MobiGarage
Gaming Consoles| MobiGarage

6.      Solar Charger/ Panel –

Contribute to the environment by gifting smartphone accessories like a solar charger/ panel to your friend. Especially useful while biking, trekking or hiking, this can get charged while you are in the sun for a few hours and help you charge your phone, laptop or even a portable power bank. Great idea, what say? 

 Smartphone Accessories - Solar Charger | MobiGarage
Solar Charger | MobiGarage

7.      Location Tracker –

Losing your friend in a huge mall while on a shopping spree or at a loud party is a nightmare. With so many stores or noise around, you wonder where to go even if your friend is trying best to explain to you. This portable location tracker comes handy in such a situation. With no special app or subscription required, this compass like the screen of this sleek location tracker can actually point out the direction of your friend and even displays how far the other person is. Now, that couldn’t be better. 

 Smartphone Accessories - Location Tracker | MobiGarage
Location Tracker | MobiGarage

8.      Photo printer –

Keeping a hard copy of one of those pictures that you just clicked with your bunch of close friends is an interesting idea. So, gift an instant photo printer that is compact, portable, quick and convenient. 

Smartphone Accessories - Photo printer | MobiGarage
Photo printer | MobiGarage

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