How embarrassing it is to be in the middle of an important business call and the phone conking off again and again because of some unknown reason? More embarrassing is a situation when a big corporate honcho looks at the cracked screen of your recently bought Apple iPhone and smirks?

We all have come across such situations where these smartphones actually act smart and start troubling us for some rhyme and reason. Be it a cracked screen, a dead or damaged battery, touch disorder or a mic/ speaker problem,  it could be anything and then your mind gets bombarded with questions like where to get a genuine mobile repair service from, how much would it cost, what would be the quality of service, how long will it take?

Market is cluttered with local vendors who are untrained to handle smart phone repairs but would still offer you cheap repair services. On the other extreme is an authorized service centre which is exorbitantly priced and takes its sweet time to repair a phone.  What comes as a savior then are these companies offering online mobile repair services, one of them being They are affordable as well as offer quality mobile repair services but since they are new to the market, you must try them but only when you have checked these 5 things –

  1. Convenience – The whole idea of booking an online mobile repair is convenience. Whether it is about offering free pick n drop of the broken phone or the turnaround time taken to repair a damaged phone or creating a user friendly/ transparent website is something that should be checked. Any company with a good hold of their business wouldn’t take more than 48 hours to repair a phone as they would have spare-parts available with them any point in time.
  2. Quality – Read reviews on Google and social media about the company you want to try. Transparency is also a mark of quality. So, if a company gives you a clear-cut repair cost without any hidden charges indicates they know their job well.
  3. Warranty – Always check if there is any warranty offered for the repair undertaken. A good brand would offer 5-6 months warranty.
  4. Customer Service – A company that you want to try should be available 24X7. Whether the staff is courteous and knowledgeable, are they able to comprehend your issue and answer all your queries and concerns would also help you gain confidence on the customer service.
  5. Security – It isn’t easy these days to allow people to enter your home for any such service but if your security constraints are taken care of by validating the repairman’s identity through a company generated I-card and by receiving a confirmation message from the company’s portal, such issues can be handled and the repair service can be as easy and smooth as ordering on Amazon

By now you know what all should be your checkpoints. Make a comparative and decide what works best for you as a combination of convenience, price, quality and warranty and once done, schedule a repair online.