Smartphone Hack

Phones, Phones and Phones!! Whether we are travelling in a metro, shopping in a mall or eating out in a restaurant, our smartphone are our true companion. No matter what we are doing, the hardest fact is that we are glued to our phone all the time checking Whatsapp messages, social media profiles or clicking images. In such a scenario, what if we suggest you a few things that you could do to make your phone more sturdy and useful? That’s bliss, isn’t it? So, Read on…


  • Do – Install Ok Google – In this smart age, installing Ok Google for voice search is one of the most important things you should do. So, do it now and let the Google dial your friend’s no. next time you are driving.  
  • Do – Set up Security – With so much precious and private information stored in your phone, you wouldn’t want anyone and everyone accessing your phone. So, safeguard your phone by enforcing security measures like patterns/passwords screen locks or biometrics fingerprint lock on your phone.
  • Do -Take Regular Back-up – Technology is technology. It is convenient but unreliable. A smartphone breakdown can play havoc with your mind. So, to avoid that, use other cloud providers to back up your data till you get your smartphone repair done. It is better to be proactive when it comes to your phone data. Isn’t it?


  • Don’t – Download Apps from unknown sources – With wonderful options like Google Play store and Apple’s App store, there is no need to try and burn your hands at other unknown apps even if they look legit and safe.
  •  Don’t – Click unnecessary links – Don’t fall for phishing scams on smartphones by clicking unnecessary links received on an email or a message.
  • Don’t – Use third-party Anti-virus apps – Most of the phones these days are embedded with anti -virus apps. So, why install them from other unreliable sources, no point actually.

Follow these tips to make your smart phone smarter and share your feedback in the comments below. Wish you luck!

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