Technology is all about innovation. A lot of people today are working hard towards bringing tech innovations in the industry but not all are successful. While there is a lot being done in this industry, a couple of crowd-funding projects which caught our attention are as given below –

Lumi illuminated keyboard | Tech innovation
  • Lumi illuminated keyboard by Roli – For all those piano lovers, who always wanted to learn to play piano but couldn’t, this is the biggest gift for you. Now, learn to play the piano on your own. How? Just by playing the keys that automatically light up with the node of the music. To make things easier for you, there is a list of famous songs in the accompanying app from where you can select and play on this multi-coloured light up portable keyboard with the help of the sliding down notes on the screen. If that wasn’t enough, you could even connect multiple Lumi models to have the feel of a grand piano. COOL!!
Window solar charger | Tech innovation
  • Window Solar Charger by Grouphug A window solar panel that can charge your devices? That sounds wow. This eco-friendly concept is apt for all and especially for those who live out of an apartment and can’t install a solar panel on the roof. Just hang this super convenient wooden framed solar panel in any window, let it gather Sun’s light and transfer it to other gadgets through a USB port. Such a simple thing to do. The panel takes about 8-10 hours to get fully charged, good enough to charge an iPhone twice.  That’s like getting sophisticated solar energy right into our homes.
Enviornment-friendly plant-based shoes | Tech innovation
  • Environment – friendly plant-based shoes by Scoot – We all love wearing vibrant, colourful shoes but have we ever thought of the kind of damage it does to our environment? They cause pollution during production and also end-up sitting in landfills for decades after we discard them. A first of its kind plant-based footwear from Scoot, these Espadrilles are made up of a variety of plants like pineapple, corn, latex and Portuguese cork. They are smart, colourful, durable, comfortable and above all bio-degradable. Now, wear these shoes without any guilt and enjoy life.
Artenix for Apple watch | Tech innovation
  • Charging leather band called Artenix for Apple watch – Out for an excursion whole day and seeing our Apple watch dying is no fun. It is of no use when you need it the most you feel. No worries, wear this super convenient premium quality leather band over your Apple watch next time you plan a day out. It’s like a wireless charging pad which could be used to charge your watch anytime, anywhere.

So, these were few of the tech innovations which we thought could be game changers in the long run. What are your thoughts? Which one did you find the best? Share your thoughts in the comment below.

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