There is often a lot of confusion around refurbished iPhones and especially Apple refurbished mobile phones.
Hence, in this article we have answered 8 frequently asked questions about Apple refurbished phones. If you’re someone who’s looking to buy a refurbished iPhone but is ambivalent about the same, have lots of questions about the price, functioning, pros, cons, etc., then you’re at the right place. Go ahead, give this blog a read, get your doubts cleared and make a wise decision!

1. What are refurbished Apple mobile phones? 

First things first, let’s understand what the term refurbished actually means. Many people confuse this term with something known as ‘second-hand’ or a “used phone” which isn’t actually true. When a customer returns a mobile phone within a few days of purchase because the phone is faulty or he/she did not like it for some personal reason, the phone is returned. Such phones are then properly checked, repaired, and brought back to proper working condition, and then sold with the “refurbished” tag. This concept applies to all brands including Apple. 

Refurbished Apple mobile phones

2. Are these Apple refurbished phones similar to the new ones? 

Like any other refurbished device, refurbished apple phones are very similar to the new phones. Similar in terms of functioning, components used, memory, camera, battery, screen, and almost everything. Yes, these phones may have been faulty in the past, but they are checked and repaired fully with the faulty parts replaced before reselling them in the market. So yes, they are just-like-new! 

Speaking about the outer appearance of these devices, they may slightly vary. You can actually choose from different levels of cosmetic conditions. While some conditions like Flawless or Premium are almost in perfect condition, the Good may have some amount of wear and tear but then all of them would be fully functional.  

3. Are these refurbished iPhones cheaper than the new phones? 

The answer is a BIG YES. No doubts guys, by purchasing refurbished phones you can actually save up to 70% of the original price. Yes, you heard it right! And this is what makes refurbished devices so attractive. Imagine, you’ll be able to bag an APPLE iPhone at a much much cheaper price if you decide to pick refurbished! Doesn’t that sound super good? 

4. Are these refurbished iPhones fully tested? 

Of course, they’re checked thoroughly before sending it out for sales. In fact, testing is one of the most essential stages that refurbished devices go through. These tests include hardware tests, software tests, checking all components, overall functioning, and every minute detail. In the process, if any issues are found, they all are rectified. The products are sent out for sale only and only when it passes all the stringent tests. All of these make sure that you receive a certified refurbished device

refurbished iphones

5. Do these refurbished devices have user data on them? 

Nope, not at all. During their revamping, all the data from the device’s internal storage is erased (if any). The hard drive you get will be completely new for you. Do not worry about this at all!  

6. Do these Apple products have their operating system reinstalled? 

Yes, once the internal storage is wiped off of the data, the operating system is reinstalled. A clean, new copy of iOS is made ready for you to set up. As we had mentioned earlier, almost everything in these refurbished Apple devices would be similar to the new one. So would be the software of course. 

7. Do these refurbished iPhones come with a warranty? 

This is indeed a very important thing to know. Yes, refurbished iPhones do come with a warranty given you buy them from the right and reliable source. Yes, not all companies provide a warranty on refurbished phones and we would advise you not to buy from such suppliers because that is a red signal. Never spend money on e-goods that do not provide a warranty. 

8. Is it safe to purchase refurbished Apple phones? 

We understand that buying a mobile phone isn’t a piece of cake anymore. It involves a good amount of money and needs to be well thought of the decision. Speaking about safety, yes…refurbished phones are safe to purchase but PLEASE make sure that you do so from a trusted supplier and make sure that to buy only if they offer a warranty so that the phone can easily be replaced if found faulty. If you’re wondering such products can fail? They may but the chances are as likely as with a new phone.

There we answer 8 frequently asked questions! 

Hope you have got the answers to your questions by now. In case you have any further queries, please let us know in the comment section below. We’ll be more than happy to assist you. 

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