Give Your Old Phone A Second Chance

Most of us feel that old phones are useless but we still pile them up in our drawers and cupboards. They are stored indefinitely in the house, gathering dust. Many sources quote that the average lifespan of smartphones is 2.5 years. However, other sources believe that it could be 15-18 months for the new generation devices. The life expectancy of a phone also varies from one brand to another.

With the Earth going through a major e-waste crisis, it only makes sense to give your old mobile phone a second chance!

What are some ways in which the life of an old phone could be extended? Let’s find out.

1. Sell your old phone:

Selling your old mobile phone to platforms like MobiCash is the smartest thing you could do. You will get the best price on your phone which will also be tech-verified. Isn’t it great that instead of accumulating old phones, you could make some money in their exchange?

2. Use your old phone as a universal smart remote:

Your old junky android device has the power to be converted into a smart remote for your office as well as home. That is a very helpful idea for you to control your other smart devices without depending upon your any other access. 

You could also load up your old mobile phone with all the relevant apps for your smart-device setup- for example, the app, IP Webcam, which helps in controlling your home or office tech.

3. Reuse your old phone as a permanent videoconferencing station:

You could set up a video-chatting platform of choice- Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, or any other app on your old phone. It can be used full-time by fixing it in one place like a desk. In this way, you are able to create a permanent access point for all virtual face-to-face communications. It makes your work easier and hassle-free.

4. Use your old phone as a dedicated e-reader:

Are you looking for a distraction-free reading zone for your next trip or daily office commute? Install as many reading apps as you can on your old mobile phone for example; Kobo books, Barnes & Noble Nook, Google Play Books, Apple books, etc. and enjoy reading to your heart’s content. 

You could download the material you would like to read and save it on your phone. This way you can turn on the airplane mode and read it offline, peacefully without any distracting notifications popping up now and then. This also ensures that you get dedicated time to invest in reading and learning something new through it.


By giving your old phone a second chance, you not only enjoy the above-mentioned perks but also contribute to saving the planet. How? By not throwing away an old mobile phone, you are reducing e-waste (recycling one device at a time) and in turn helping the planet. According to WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulation), the estimated e-waste produced by mobile phones is 5.3 billion in 2022. Around 75 % of these phones can be refurbished, says the study. This means that 75% of the e-waste created by mobile phones can be managed by refurbishing them.

Also, you never know where a recycled phone may end up. It may be refurbished and reach the hands of those who could not afford a brand new phone and truly were in need of it like an underprivileged kid for his education or a food delivery guy whose phone recently broke.

MobiGarage has a trade-in platform called MobiCash (check reference in point 1) which is an app that allows you to sell your old mobile phone at its best market price. You could download the app by visiting the following links:

For android phone users:
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Give Your Old Phone A Second Chance
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Give Your Old Phone A Second Chance
Did you know that by giving your old phone a second chance, you can benefit so much? You could sell that old phone and make cash, use it to control your home or office tech, use it like a permanent video conferencing station, or even use it like a dedicated e-reader. Also, when you recycle or reuse your old phone you contribute to protecting the planet from the hazard of e-waste.
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