Google Pixel 6 Pro Review

Google Pixel 6 Pro is by far the best Android smartphone put forward by Google. A phone that could pose some serious competition to the top-tier smartphones of the day, dominating the Indian market, like Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, OnePlus 9 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, etc. This high-end device is Google’s best attempt to date to create a top-notch device featuring the very best Android technology. Along with high-end internals, an amazing camera set, and the new Tensor chipset, this device sports various other remarkable features. 


There is some absolute uniqueness to Google Pixel 6 Pro design that sets it apart from contemporary smartphone models. Its horizontal camera strip might be the first thing you notice about the device, as it occupies a nice chunk of the rear end, as opposed to vertical camera strips that we are so used to seeing. This unique feature might have divided opinions though, but it clearly makes a bold statement. The device is pretty large, so if you are looking for a smaller yet roughly similar version, you can opt for the Google Pixel 6. Its stylish glass rear is protected by Corning Gorilla glass Victus technology which ensures that your phone doesn’t get easily scratched. It is also IP68 water and dust resistant, which means that there’s no reason to freak out if your phone takes an accidental swim while you try to get that pool selfie.


With a 6.7-inch QHD+ display and a resolution of 1440×3120, Google Pixel 6 Pro takes your screen time to a whole new level with large yet crisp images. Featuring an infinity display with 512 pixels per inch, this device has gone all out to provide the users with a unique and vivid experience. The Pixel 6 Pro has amazing auto brightness levels and a 120Hz refresh rate that lets you enjoy smoother gaming time. It also features Google’s first attempt at an in-screen fingerprint scanner.


With a 50MP wide camera, 12MP ultrawide camera backed up by a 48MP telephoto shooter, the Pixel 6 Pro features Google’s best smartphone cameras to date. Its 50MP main camera with an f/1.9 aperture and 1.2µm pixels was found to be able to take amazing high-resolution pictures, capturing fine details and true-to-life colors. It also features an impressive night sight that enables the user to capture equally good quality pictures in darker settings. You can enjoy up to 4x optical zoom in the telephoto mode, but you must keep the device steady for the best, distinct results.

Performance and Specifications

Google Pixel 6 Pro is the first iPhone 13 Review that uses Google’s own Tensor chipset instead of the standard Qualcomm Snapdragon. Since Tensor is a processor designed by Google itself, it is bound to coordinate perfectly with the phone’s hardware and software components to give the user a fantastic performance. The device is available in 128GB, 256GB and 512GB variants that come without any micro-SD support. This smartphone is also 5g mobile with expected price which means that its users will be ready for faster and advanced next-gen networks.

Price and Launch Date

Google Pixel 6 Pro does have a mighty list of advanced specifications and some top-tier smartphone features under its belt. In India, it comes at a pretty reasonable deal of Rs. 67,490 which is still better than the other high-end smartphones with similar features dominating the Indian market. The Pixel 6 Pro was officially launched on 19th October 2021 and hit the market with a storm. It is still making its way up to be one of the best high-end smartphones offered by the company.

The Final Verdict

Google Pixel 6 Pro comes with an array of advanced features that the company offers to date. If you are looking for a smartphone with an unmatched camera setup or a big and beautiful screen where you are ensured an excellent picture quality, then, this might be the perfect phone for you. It is also the dream phone for Android enthusiasts as it comes with Android 12 in its purest form, where future updates are likely to keep up the excellent performance.