Gone are the days when leaving your home and going on a tour or a vacation was a big concern for us. With the advent of technology and more importantly smart phone technology, a phone is no more a mere “Phone.” It is a guardian or a friend which helps you monitor your home while you are away. So, to make your smart phone more useful, use this brilliant app called ManyThing which once downloaded can actually help you turn your smart phone into a home gadget. Cool that sounds, isn’t it?

Home Security through Smart Phone:

The biggest concern while we are away from our home is the security. Manything is a free iOS app that helps convert your iPhone into a camera. You can practically see who is entering your home or what is happening inside your home at any hour sitting in any corner of the globe. Aptly named as Manything meaning “Monitor Anything,” this is like a savior for all of us. What we need is just an old working smartphone and we are good to go.

How to Set-up Manything –

Setting up Manything is a simple process which any novice can do.

  1. Install Manything on a sparephone
  2. Select Camera option
  3. Press Record
  4. Donwload Manything on your Main phone
  5. Select Viewer to convert it into a camera monitor

So, next time you have a spare/ damaged or an old phone, don’t discard it. Get your smartphone repaired from any Mobile repair store like MobiGarage   or use a refurbished phone to convert into a DIY home security camera. This is a MUST HAVE app for your phone which is worth a try.

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