This is how buying refurbished smartphones will help you save money

When we talk about refurbished phones the first thought that comes to our mind is faulty or rejected phones. But as you delve deeper into the facts and truths about refurbished smartphones, you realise how deceptive your notion was. In this blog, we will shed some light on how buying refurbished smartphones help you in saving a lot of money and how you get benefitted by placing your trust in reputed companies like, which are one of the pioneers in refurbished smartphones.

Have you ever undergone the trauma of losing or damaging a mobile phone in a crucial period like the financial year ending or during an important event? Even the thought of it makes you shudder. No worries, as the tried and tested name MobiGarage works as a saviour, with its galaxy of refurbished mobile phones.

You can understand how vast the refurbished mobile phone industry is if you take a look at a few statistics. The global market for refurbished smartphones has grown by 13% in the last three years since 2018. There are an estimated 140 million units of refurbished mobile phones being used in the market currently. This means that almost 10% of the smartphones in the market are refurbished mobile phones.

This means that the refurbished phone sector is likely to grow at a steady pace in the next few years and there are two main reasons for this magical growth – 

  1. Affordable prices at which these mobiles are available; nearly half the initial cost and even less
  2. Availability of quality refurbished phones which works just like new. 

What does refurbished mean? 

According to many people, the term refurbished means reconditioning the product and reselling it. Others presume that refurbished goods have certain defects and do not meet the required quality threshold; thus the cheaper rates. But these are all false assumptions. 

The smartphones listed under the refurbished category are certified for their quality and have been repaired or reconditioned by our expert technicians and are almost as good as new ones. These handsets go through strict quality checks on physical and functional aspects before going online to be sold at discounted prices. Refurbished phones are as good as new sealed branded phones, they function as flawlessly as new phones despite being used for a short duration. Apart from this, the refurbished mobile phones carry a warranty for a certain period and are quality certified by technology experts which makes them reliable for purchase.

Difference between a second-hand mobile phone and a refurbished mobile phone– 

Although all refurbished mobile phones are second hand, all second-hand phones need not be refurbished. A second-hand product can change hands without being repaired or reconditioned, whereas refurbished products are sent back to the manufacturer or recalled, as the device must be reconditioned before being resold. 

Secondly, second-hand transactions are done by the seller and the buyer without any certification process and the buyer is responsible for all the risks taken. Whereas, regarding refurbished phones, the dealer ensures that the product meets all the quality standards before putting it out for resale. This is the most important difference between a second-hand product and a refurbished one. 

 Myths regarding refurbished mobile phones– certain myths do their rounds regarding refurbished mobile phones which lead to uncertainty amongst prospective buyers as to how credible purchasing a refurbished mobile phone is?

1. Buyers believe that the dealers erase only personal data stored on the phones and then sell them to prospective buyers, which is baseless.

 Refurbished phones go through a rigorous process of repair and also satisfy certain quality standards which classify them “like new”.

2. It is a myth that refurbished mobile phones are substandard; therefore they come cheap. 

The refurbished phones are offered at lower prices than new phones only because they are resale products, not because they are of compromised quality. Quality-wise refurbished phones have the same capacity functions as new mobiles.

3. The assumption that refurbished phones are dirty is not true.

Certified refurbished phones go through a rigorous cleaning process which includes the interior parts as well as cleaning of the outer portion from top to bottom to eliminate all hidden germs and dirt. This makes the gadget as good as new.

4. Refurbished phones are not durable is a myth.

Refurbished mobile phones are of the same standards as the new phones; it may be that your new phone might not last longer than a refurbished phone bought at the same time as electronics are unpredictable.

Three essentials while buying refurbished phones- Our team at have some suggestions for you if you intend to buy a refurbished mobile phone.

1. Make sure that the company that has undertaken the refurbishing process is competent and has the expertise to do so.

2. Check the warranty period offered by the company. Different companies have different warranties for various mobile phones.

3. Buy your refurbished mobile phone from a reliable retailer. The years of service provided and their warranty policy will be able to guide you. Browse the website for reviews of past clients, more positive reviews, better the reputation.    

Now buying that iPhone which you were dreaming to possess for such a long time must seem to be within reach. Try the enviable collection of refurbished smartphones offered at affordable prices at and you will agree that they are the ultimate lifesavers in the time of crisis.