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Smartphone, something that has become a vital part of human life today. We use it for work, gaming, entertainment, communication and what not. Human life today cannot be imagined without smartphones. When you need a new phone or when your phone is damaged beyond repairs….what do you do? Go and buy a brand new phone? Well, that’s not a very smart or eco-friendly choice to make. This particular choice is actually an environmental hazard. We suggest you pick a refurbished phone over a new one given its numerous environmental and other benefits. How? Read this blog “How is buying a refurbished phone an environment friendly option”? to know.

We seriously have no idea about how the E-gadgets we dispose of recklessly cause huge amount of damage to the environment and to mankind. What do you think happens to this e-waste?

Well, they are broken down, sorted, washed in acid bath and extracted for minerals like gold and copper. In the whole process, the hazard faced by the workforce involved and the environment is unbelievable and worrisome. Learn more about it in the story ‘This is Seelampur‘. This story we are sure would change your decision and make you believe that buying a refurbished phone is a much more rational choice.

As an initiative to protect our environment, we have listed down a few benefits also of buying a refurbished phone over a new phone. Let’s check them out –

1. Helps save energy

According to Greenpeace, between 2007 and 2017, smartphone manufacturers used as much electricity as a country the size of India uses in a whole year. Isn’t it HUGE? This has a drastic impact on the environment and towards ecosystem destruction. Choosing a refurbished phone in such a scenario certainly has a positive impact on the environment. How? The production falls with the fall in demand and this leads to less consumption of energy.

2. Minimize CO2 emissions

Studies reveal that producing a new smartphone accounts for 85% to 95% of its CO2 emissions over its average 2 years life cycle. Further, buying just one new phone uses as much energy as recharging and operating a smartphone for 10 years! Sounds crazy, no? This is extremely bad for the planet we live in. This is why, choosing a refurbished phone over a new smartphone is the most eco-friendly choice to make.

3. Preserving precious resources

Non-renewable precious resources like Gold, Silver, Platinum as well as rare earth metals like Neodymium, Terbium and Dysprosium are used in the smartphone production process. As these metals are non-renewable, they have limited reserves. This is another reason that makes choosing refurbished phones a sensible and environment friendly choice. The less you demand for new phones, the better we save these resources.

4. Less contribution to e-waste

Another major environmental issue concerned with smartphone production is the large contribution to E-waste. Currently, less than 16% of the E-waste is being recycled, which is alarmingly low. Rest of the waste is disposed off in the landfill site, which is again hazardous to our mother earth. Refurbished phones tend to reduce the contribution to e-waste, which is important. Hence again, buying a refurbished phone proves to be an environmental friendly option.

These were the 4 important reasons that justify how picking a refurbished phone is an eco-friendly option. So, make sure to take a wise stand! That’s the least we can do to save our environment. Right? Lastly, do share the article with others in your circle. Such facts need to be made viral so that people start taking informed decisions. Do get in touch with us if you want any help sourcing refurbished phones. We at MobiGarage have premium quality refurbished phones that you can flaunt easily as they look just as good as new. This also helps you save a few bucks. Good deal, isn’t it?

By Ruchi Bahri

MobiGarage is a one-stop shop for mobile repair, refurb and spare-part services. It is a multi-category mobile services platform which bridges the gap between an authorized service center and a local repair shop and brings you the best of both the worlds by offering professional services at an affordable cost. ​The services are offered pan India through online and offline mode both. Be it Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Oppo or Xiaomi, MobIgarage caters to more than 20 different brands and 500 different models.

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