With the advent of Smartphones in our life, the world has gotten obsessed with the selfie culture. The camera industry is almost on the verge of shutting down ever since the new range of smartphones with perfect camera abilities has stormed the Indian market. Ease to click a picture wherever and whenever with a smartphone camera in the hand is the biggest boon mankind has ever got from science & technology it seems. From Apple to Oppo to Vivo to Samsung, all leading brands are trying to woo the customers with the power of their Selfie cameras. Ironically, even with such great phones with amazing camera abilities and comfort level, taking the perfect selfie is still a challenge.

Here are exclusive tips to help you capture your Perfect Selfie!

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1. Tap the screen before you click. This would help the phone know the exact focal point and how much to adjust the light balance accordingly.

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2. Try different angles. Don’t look directly into the camera rather turn to the side a bit and then try.

3. Use natural light. Lighting plays the most important role while clicking a selfie and nothing can beat the natural light for a bright flawless selfie.

4. Extend the arm and hold the camera as far as possible for a better click. Keep your chin down, the camera up and zoom in to get a closer shot. That’s the most important Mantra for that perfect selfie.

5. Be careful about the background. A branch of a tree protruding from your head can spoil the whole look.

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6. Make controlled use of photo editing tools and image filters available in the phones these days. They can help you shape, morph and define certain portions of your pic but don’t overdo as it will take away the charm of the original you.

7. Most importantly, Smile! Selfie captures your state of mind. So, be calm and relaxed.

So, are you ready to play that Selfie Game? Follow these selfie tips and we assure you will get that near to perfect selfie soon. Is there any trick that we missed out? Share in the comments below.

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