Buying a refurbished phone is a GREAT idea. The benefits derived out of the same are good too. BUT there is one element that troubles us all – the legitimacy of the refurbished phone. ‘How to ensure that the refurbished phone you’re buying is genuine and not stolen?’ – a question that arises in most of the minds while purchasing a refurbished phone is going to be answered via this article. So, read on –

We have mentioned four steps, which will give you a hint on whether the phone is stolen or not. Do go through all of them and make the right choice!

1. Select a seller carefully 

Always choose a reputed and genuine seller while buying a refurbished phone. Do not get excited by the low price and jump in to buy the phone but, look for authenticity. Do some research, go through their website, check the reviews and then make a rational decision. This step is really important to make sure that you bag a legitimate refurbished mobile phone

2. Check for the basic statistics

The phone you are buying should feature some basic stats. This should include correct model number, storage capacity and IMEI. IMEI i.e International Mobile Equipment Identifier is a unique identification number of a phone, which can be used by the operator to block the phone from their mobile network. You can find if the phone was illegally procured by using the IMEI number on sites like ‘Carriers’ and ‘Swappa’. This serial number also allows you to check the warranty left on the device. Other than that, you can also use the following apps to detect the genuineness of the phone.

Few tools to detect fake or stolen refurbished phones

An online stolen phone checker tool, which enables you to find out red flags in a phone’s history. 

  • Know your mobile phone 

The app allows you to cross-check and verify the phone details. All you need for this is the respective IMEI number. 

  • MobiCheck

The site is a free IMEI checker, which looks for the details and makes sure that the device has got no issues.

3. Know your return policy

Once you’re convinced that the refurbished phone you are buying is legit, please make sure to go through the return policy. Read it carefully, make sure that the statistics match and then, step forward. If the seller is reluctant during the process, it’s a red flag.

4. Use your intuition 

Finally, once you are done following the above 3 steps…’s time to use your intuition. If things feel even slightly shady or too good to be true, do not go ahead and start looking for another buyer. Use your common sense and act rationally.

That’s it! It’s not so tough as it seems to be. You just need to be aware of what to do and how to do and that’s precisely what we tried teaching you through this blog. 

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Make sure to follow these steps before making the purchase and avoid getting into unnecessary trouble. If you require any further assistance, feel free to reach out to us. We’ll be glad to help you.