How To Keep Your Smartphones Safe During Travel

The holiday season is here and people are ready with their travel plans. While some like the panoramic view of the mountains, others prefer serene oceans/seas or maybe calm and peaceful deserts. To each its own but one common problem that everyone faces while traveling is to keep their smartphones safe. Whether it is about physical damage, data theft or software malfunction, the phone is always at risk. So, here we have listed down a few things which you could follow to keep your smartphones safe when on a travel spree.

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1. VPN protection

While we travel we intend to plan the whole trip on our phone. Travel tickets, hotel bookings everything which in a way means sharing your personal or financial information with third-party apps using public wi-fi systems. Using a high-quality VPN keeps information secure while using a public wi-fi system and switching it off when not in use ensures more safety. It’s important. Really!

2. Using a phone case

This actually needs no explanation as we know how important the physical condition of a phone is while on travel. The chances of dropping your phone are pretty high while you are on an excursion or when you are trying to click the right selfie. So, using a phone case protects the phone from most of the physical damages.

3. Keeping the smartphone in a safe and secure place –

Keeping the phone in your back pocket is like inviting for trouble. It suffocates the phone with sweat and dirt and even increases the chance of pickpocketing. Instead, keep it in a safe zipped up bag or a purse and do not take it out until absolutely required. Taking it out frequently would increase your chances of leaving it on a restaurant table, a car dashboard or a hotel room.

4. Use safety protection like a biometric or a password

Most of the smartphones these days have security features that act as the first line of defense. It not only protects the phone data but also helps in recovery if the phone gets stolen. You might be able to retrieve the phone once the person realizes that it is tough to break through into the phone details due to these security layers. That’s reassuring.

5. Download and turn on the tracking apps

The modern era has an app for everything, even for tracking your mobile if it gets stolen. So, while you decide to go on a trip or an excursion, download the tracking app well in advance. With the use of another phone, you can not only track your mobile but also lock the device or sound off an alarm. Interesting!

6. Get your mobile insured

Like your health and travel insurance, getting your mobile insured is also a good idea, especially if the phone is expensive. So, even if you lose it or damage it, you can take a claim. Not bad, right?
These were a few suggestions which if followed, could safeguard your phone when out on a trip. So, follow these and enjoy your holiday. Travelling is to enjoy not to worry, right!!

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