Covid-19 has been declared a pandemic now by WHO with the outburst reaching various parts of the world. With so much mayhem around, we have been hearing the role our personal hygiene plays in spreading the infection. Washing hands frequently, not shaking hands, not touching the face, covering your mouth while sneezing and a lot more. While these things are important, another very important aspect that we shouldn’t ignore is the hygiene of our smartphone. We all know how a smartphone is a breeding ground for most of the dangerous bugs and picking up a phone just after you have washed hands will be in vain until your smartphone is also clean. Unfortunately, unless disinfected, Covid-19 can lurk on the flat surface for almost a week according to the researchers. So, all the more important to keep them clean.

Here, we list down a few measures which could help prevent your smartphone from spreading Corona infection.

What are these, take a look –

1. Clean the smartphone screen with alcohol wipes twice daily or spray some hand/phone sanitizer on a soft microfiber cloth and wipe the phone if it is water-resistant. Whatever way you choose, make it a routine.


2. Cover your phone screen with a screen protector. A screen protector can be easily wipe cleaned using diluted alcohol. Thus, the chances of the actual display getting damaged are reduced to minimal.

3. Start using headphones or earphones as this will reduce the chance of virus transferring from the phone to your face but don’t forget to clean them also using a hand sanitizer.


4. Sharing is caring but not at the cost of your health. So, it is advisable not to allow others to use your phone. Similarly, avoid using other’s phone to make a call or Google any information.


5. Keep your phone away from other personal belongings like a handkerchief or wallet.

6. Once you are done cleaning the phone, wash your hands to keep the infection at bay.

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