We all love our smartphones, don’t we? We sleep with them, we wake up with their beep, we move around with them and we keep them as close to us as possible.

They are actually an integral part of our lives today and we go berserk if they break or go faulty? Our heart breaks and life looks impossible. So, isn’t it better to avoid such a scenario?

There are a few important things that could be done to protect your smartphone from any kind of damage, read below –

Cover it with a Screen Protector –

All smartphones have a touch screen these days which is the most useful but fragile part of the phone. So, it is any day better to protect it then repent later. So, first & foremost, shield your phone with a Gorilla glass screen protector and prevent your phone from scratches and hard impacts. 

Protect it with a case –

Lot of phones these days has a glass back panel. So, it is as important to protect the back as much as the front. So, use a good quality case to protect your phone. Whether you choose a full case or a half case would depend on your need. So, choose accordingly. 

Self-care techniques –

No matter how many things we use, nothing works until we handle it well. So, things mentioned below are measures expected out of you for good handling of the phone:

a) Making sure there is nothing pointed in the pocket where you keep your phone,

b)    Keeping your phone away from kids/ pets

c)    Holding the phone with a strong grip

d)    Cleaning your screen as well as screen protector from time to time so as to avoid dirt or muck collection

e)    Using a waterproof case during rains or around pools

Update apps regularly –

Update apps when you get notifications on your phone. If done, the phone performs better.

De-clutter your phone –

Like our wardrobes, phones also need to be de-cluttered from time to time before they slow down because of unnecessary files using the storage space. So, keep a check on internal storage.

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