How To Save 60% On Device Needs For Your Business And Employees?

Many businesses like retail shops, manufacturers, real estate agents, hotels, restaurants, etc. need mobile devices to communicate with their customers, suppliers, and colleagues. Hence, they have a huge work dependency on mobile phones. As a result, they look for buying phones that fit their budget well. When one has to make a bulk purchase of phones like for a 100-200 employees, it is natural to think about saving as much money as one can. If you too have device needs for your business then you are reading the right article. A great solution to serve the device needs of your business right and get affordable mobile phones in bulk is to go for Refurbished phones.

Refurbished phones are pre-owned handsets that are sent back due to some fault and are then repaired and renewed thereafter; they are up for reselling with assured quality. Not necessarily all of them are faulty, some are just returned by customers who change their minds within the 30-day cooling-off time. And, since these phones are not new and used they come at a very affordable price. They are the best options to fulfill mobile device needs for your business too if it also requires phones in bulk. 

Did you have any idea that when you buy a refurbished phone over a new phone, you can save up to 60%?

This means that by buying refurbished phones you are making an insane amount of savings. For a business that has a high demand for mobile phones to run its operations, buying refurbished phones is the smartest choice. 

Preeti owns a handicrafts business and has a team of 100 people who work in customer care. She wanted to get rid of the old wired phones and get new mobile devices for each one of them as a part of her business revamping plan. She wanted to opt for the cheapest option of buying phones in this case. After doing some research online, she came across MobiGarage. After speaking to their customer care and sales team, she felt she would like to go ahead with them for her order. She placed an order for 100 refurbished phones. She saved a massive amount of investment money hereby making this smart decision.

Like Preeti, there are many other small or large-scale businesses that have a humongous need for mobile phones and look for the best buying options. Refurbished phones can solve this problem very easily. This is a decision that will give you a high outcome on less investment.