Apple’s latest baby has been put to test by repair experts at iFixit to find out all the ins & outs of the phone. Despite sharing similarity with iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR does possess some major differences of its own.

On the scale of 10, iFixit has scored iPhone XR a score of 6, which is the same score that was given to iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. No matter the ratings are same, interesting findings have been found by the teardown experts.

iPhone XR is a combination of characteristics available in iPhone X and iPhone 8. Just like iPhone 8, it has a rectangular battery; however, it lacks the home button as well as Touch ID like the iPhone X.

Owing to all these specifications, iPhone XR is nothing but a sort of spiritual iPhone 9. Talking about the two amazing findings that surprised the iFixit experts are the battery and display replacements. Why? Because replacing them on this recent device is easy as compared to their replacement on most of the Android phones.

In the words of iFixit’s Kay Clapp, “The display-first opening procedure and easy access to the battery remain design priorities for Apple—making the two most common repairs easier than almost any Android counterpart.”

Other noted observations include:
  • The phone uses copper, which points towards super fast charging with less amount of heat

  • iPhone XR’s SIM reader is modular, which makes it capable of supporting dual-SIM

  • Glass back of the phone signifies additional surface to possible crack, which may require replacing the overall chassis

So, this was all about the conclusions made out of Apple’s current sensation, iPhone XR. More updates will make their way with more & more usage and experiences felt by the users.

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