Is refurbished phone better than a new phone?

Confused between purchasing a new phone or a refurbished phone? Thinking if a refurbished phone is better than a new phone? Well, we would always suggest you go with the refurbished ones and listed below are a few points which would support our suggestion. Refurbished phones come with a bunch of pros. Come, let’s explore some of them –

1. Save BIG

Why would you want to spend more on a smartphone when you can get the same model at upto 80% cheaper price? Refurbished phones are the cheaper alternative to the new phone and this is what attracts a majority of the consumers. Now, you may wonder if there’s any difference in the quality of the two? So, the answer is it depends. It depends on the supplier you’re purchasing the refurbished phones from. It is always advisable to go to a trusted and reliable supplier in order to make sure that you bag a quality refurbished phone. 

2. Warranty

Yes, though the period may vary, refurbished phones come with a warranty too just like the new ones. So, if any issue pops up in your refurbished mobile phone, you can always get it covered within the warranty period. But make sure that you purchase these phones from reliable places where you are offered phones with a warranty. If they do not, understand that it is a red signal and look for other trusted suppliers. You do not want to put your hard-earned money in vain, right? 

3 .Tested thoroughly 

“Refurbished phones are second-hand or used phones, they do not work properly” – a very common myth. We have cleared it before and will do it again. Refurbished phones are not second-hands. Read our blog to know more –

These are pre-owned devices which have been returned by the consumers after a few days of purchasing due to some minor defects or just because the customer did not like that particular model or didn’t get the right product.. These phones then go back to the manufacturers, checked, if required then repaired, brought back to a good working condition and only then sold with the “refurbished” tag. They are tested thoroughly before sending it out to the customers, the suppliers make sure that the device is in its best version and hence, you need not worry much about the functioning. 


4. Eco-friendly

Buying a refurbished phone is an eco-friendly alternative as it helps save energy, minimize greenhouse gas emissions, preserve the raw materials and reduces the contribution to e-waste.So, take this step and do your bit for the environment. Click here to learn more about e-waste and its impact. 

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These are some of the most important factors that show how refurbished is a better alternative than new. Don’t all of it make refurb worth purchasing? It is no less than a new phone. Costs much less and pre-owned for a very short duration that it shouldn’t matter much. 

By now, if you have made up your mind to purchase a refurbished phone and dropped the idea of a new phone, do visit our website once at . You will get a number of options to choose from. So, go ahead and order your favourite phone now. 

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