A decade has gone by and this decade from the year 2010-2019 would always be remembered as a golden period in the history of smartphone industry. A revolutionary decade with some of the major smartphone brands achieving milestones with their breakthrough technology. New designs, improved operating systems Android & iOs, vivid display panels, strong processors, multiple cameras, overall enhanced performance and what not. It all started with big brands like Apple, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry and Nokia setting some benchmarks and then younger contestants like Oneplus, Vivo, Xiaomi taking on. With endless phones being launched in the decade, a few were like so exemplar that the world was forced to sit and watch. 

Listed below are some of those iconic models. Check them out –

1. iPhone 4 – 2010

Though Apple launched the concept of iPhone in 2007 but it grabbed all the eyeballs with iPhone 4 in the year 2010. What an iconic design, angular look, metal & glass finish, a slim waistline and a capable camera it had. A phone that was much more refined than any other model at that point in time. With all other phones with plastic body, the launch of iPhone 4 was undoubtedly a shifting point in smartphone designs.

iPhone 4 | MobiGarage
iPhone 4
2. Samsung Galaxy S/ SII – 2010/ 2011

So, here was a brand who could actually compete against Apple through its Galaxy series. Samsung Galaxy S was the first premium phone launched by Samsung with super amoled display, corning gorilla glass protection and 16 GB storage. It was soon followed by Samsung Galaxy S II which was one step ahead with 4.3 inch super amoled display, 8 MP main camera and first EXYNOS chipset.

Samsung Galaxy S/ SII | MobiGargae

Samsung Galaxy S/ SII
3. HTC One – 2013

From the year 2013 when the brand HTC had the guts to launch a phone HTC One against Apple and Samsung to a time 2 years later, when it nosedived completely, the rise and the fall of this brand in a span of few years was unbelievable. An aluminium uni-body, a curved back design, an ultrapixel camera, the 1080p display and the powerful crisp-sounding dual front-facing speakers, HTC One was clearly a trendsetter with other phones copying its features later.    

HTC One | MobiGarage
4. Oneplus One – 2014

A company which is today amongst the top premium players in the Indian market, came to India in the year 2014 with their first model Oneplus One. With its unique marketing strategy of launching just a single phone a year that also through an invite only system and thus creating hype due to its limited availability, Oneplus One was an industry disruptor. It was a good looking phone that had powerful specs, costed less as compared to Apple and even came pre-loaded with the most famous custom Android ROMs, Cyanogen.    

Oneplus One | MobiGarage
Oneplus One
5. Motorola Moto G – 2013

That was the time when a smart smartphone in the budget segment was unheard of and Motorola was the first company to do that. The Moto G series launched by Motorola hit at the right places and gained huge popularity in growing markets like India and Brazil. A clean and pure ROM that ensured a smooth experience, a simple, sober and slick design and a high definition screen were the key highlights. All this at a budget price made the phone the most value-for-money phone.   

Motorola Moto G | MobiGarage
Motorola Moto G
6. Samsung Galaxy Note – 2011

While iPhone was ruling the market with its small cute phones, Samsung brought back the concept of big phone screen with its 5.3 inch display through its Note series. It was a trendsetter in making the big phones and introduced the term “phablet- the fusion of phone and tablet” to the market. With the phablet came the stylus which could now be used to sketch your ideas or put down notes in the phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note | MobiGarage
Samsung Galaxy Note
7. Google Nexus – 2010

This was one phone that changed the perception of the Android market. It was a genuinely user-friendly affordable phone with high-end components. Launched by Google, it was considered as the phone with perfect blend of Software and hardware. The Google Nexus 4 version even had wireless charging and a polarized glass with a 3D pattern finish.

Google Nexus | MobiGarage
Google Nexus
8. Xiaomi Mi 3/Redmi Note 3 – 2014/2017

2014/2017 – With a launch in the year 2014 through Xiaomi Mi 3, Xiaomi made quite an unexpected dent in the smartphone market. Brilliant features, great quality yet affordable pricing was a great combination that could ensure success. Moving on, Xioami launched the Redmi note series in the year 2017 with Redmi Note 3 setting a new benchmark.  

Xiaomi Mi 3/Redmi Note 3 | MobiGarage
Xiaomi Mi 3/Redmi Note 3
9. iPhone X – 2017

This was the year when Apple launched a totally revamped iPhone model – iPhone X. A complete changeover in the look and design, newly introduced Facial recognition sensors, a button-less front panel, vertically placed dual-camera set-up and a trimmed down bezel.  So much so that all other brands started copying Apple again.  

iPhone X | MobiGarage
iPhone X
10.  Huawei P20 Pro – 2018

A phone that was primarily launched to take smartphone photography to the next level. This phone had triple rear camera set-up and a special night mode feature which were first of its kind.

Huawei P20 Pro | MobiGarage
Huawei P20 Pro
11. Samsung Galaxy Fold – 2019

Last but not the least Galaxy Fold. Though it was launched towards the end of the decade but it was definitely one of the most sought after. Foldable phones are totally new to the market and the new decade is expected to see much more from various other brands too but Samsung being pioneer would always be remembered for bringing this meaningful innovation into the smartphone industry and proving that the foldable phones could be good too.   

Samsung Galaxy Fold | MobiGarage
Samsung Galaxy Fold

So, these were few phones of the decade which made quite a news in the smartphone market because of some unique feature or a milestone it achieved. While we have tried to put down the most of the important phones of the decade here, you could feel that we missed out some. Share your thoughts on the above in the comment below. 

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