Where can I buy second-hand mobiles online in India?

Planning to buy a second-hand mobile phone?

Well, not a bad idea. If you’re looking for a mobile phone that suits your pocket, your needs and causes less harm to the environment around, a second-hand phone is one of the good alternatives available. But what if we tell you that you’re missing on something better?

What if we tell you that you can avail all of the above mentioned benefits, plus some extra benefits in a phone that isn’t second-hand but just like a brand new? Yes, you heard it right and that alternative is a second-hand mobile phone! How can you miss on such a wonderful alternative?

Buying a second-hand phone has got its own bunch of advantages. Click here to read about the pros of buying a refurbished phone. https://www.mobigarage.com/blogs/perks-of-buying-a-refurbished-phone-over-a-new-phone/ Trust us, you will not be regretting this read.

Now that you’re familiar with the pros of buying a refurbished phone, let us understand – where to buy them from? In case you have made up your mind to make a wise decision and choose refurbished over a second-hand phone, this blog would be highly useful. Choosing a refurbished phone makes sense only and only if you buy it from the right supplier and that’s precisely what we are planning to do through this blog. We will make you familiar with MobiGargage – A certified and trusted refurbished phone supplier. 

Now, let’s dive in a little more into detail and understand 4 features that make MobiGarage stand out.

  1. 51 point inspection process
51 Point Inspection Process

Refurbished phones are devices that were pre-owned for a very short period and then returned due to some minor faults. Because of this, it becomes very important to make sure that the device that goes out for sale with the “refurbished” tag is in good working condition. Hence, at MobiGarage, we do a  51 point inspection where we make sure that the device that goes out for sale is in its best version. We check and inspect each phone from 51 check points and make sure that it’s as good as the brand new. This inspection process makes a refurbished phone a better and a viable option than a second hand phone as a second hand phone is not rehauled or revamped and sold as it is.

2. Best prices

Best Prices

The most attractive feature! The refurbished devices are upto 70% cheaper than the new ones and you’ll find some hottest deals with MobiGarage. We provide the best quality certified refurbished phones at best prices with warranties. That clears up the majority of hurdles!

3. Expert team of technicians and assured warranty

MobiGarage has got an expert team of technicians who are always happy to help out our customers. They’ll help you with all the questions that you have regarding refurbished phones. Unlike second hand phones, refurbished phones offered by us come with a 6 months warranty. Hence, if any issue pops up in the device within the warranty period, our expert team is there to resolve it. This provision is again missing if you opt for a second-hand phone.

4. Free shipping

Free Shipping

MobiGarage delivers refurbished smartphones to almost every nook and corner of our country. You buy a phone online through our portal and it’s done. We make sure that your devices reach you safely:)

So, these are the 4 features that make us stand out. With this opportunity before, why would you want to invest in a second-hand phone?

We want you to make a wise and rational decision. So, please go through the blog again and decide the best.