Repair or refurb!

In today’s scenario, where a new smartphone is being launched almost every day with so much of hullabaloo, flash sales and pretentious advertisements; the overall glitz and glamour of such a launch infatuate us to feel that it is time for a new phone. Moreover, a broken phone screen, a damaged phone battery or a faulty phone camera and there you get an excuse to dump your old phone. After all, you want to look the best carrying the best handset in town.

OOPS, what a mindset? We want to buy a new smartphone just to look cool without even thinking what would happen to the old set when we throw it away.

  • More than a billion smartphones are manufactured every year and while it alone might not cause substantial harm, chemicals leaking out of even thousands of dumped smartphones can seep deep underground and pollute soil and water, alike.
  • Smartphones hold over 50 elements or their compounds including gold, palladium, aluminium, silver, etc. A few unlicensed organizations go ahead and take out the recyclable materials off these dumped smartphones, which doesn’t only emit harmful pollutants but also affect the health of the exposed workers.
  • Forget the landfills, if the smartphone is sent to be crushed, it will just ensure that the pollution in the above-mentioned points occurs at a faster pace.
  • More demand asks for more production. The same amount of resources is being used up in making your new smartphone, as were used up in making your current. What else did it do than just affecting the environment?

The idea of sharing these facts is not to build up guilt in you but to awaken you and suggest what to do instead. So, if you actually think that it is time to change your phone, you don’t need to worry. There are various options –

  1. Sell it. Access the second-hand markets for them and earn some money.
  2. Recycle it. Reach out to companies actively recycling smartphones.
  3. Donate it and get blessings from poor, elderly, battered people.
  4. The best option, you ask? Repair it and keep it. Look up for mobile repair companies and update the system altogether, your revamped phone has more life than you think. It is indeed eco-friendly and good value for money. Remember, ‘new’ in the smartphone market usually implies: Same hardware, upgraded software!

So, whenever you decide to buy a new phone, recycle and reuse it by doing any of the above. It is much more environmentally friendly than simply dumping it in a graveyard.

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