Planning to buy a new phone and thinking to invest in a 5G phone? Read the article below before taking a final plunge as this may not be the right time to do so.

We all have been hearing a lot of news about 5G enabled phones coming to India in the current year 2020. In fact, there are 2 phones Realme x50 pro and iQoo 3 by Realme and iQoo, both owned by BBK electronics, China which are the first 2 phones already launched in our country but do we actually need a 5G phone plus do we have the infrastructure to support that kind of technology are 2 important things we need to consider.

So, let’s first understand why we don’t need a 5G smartphone?

5G undoubtedly promises a lot of advancement in terms of faster upload speeds and downloads, high-quality video and voice calls and even smoother streaming of online content you love to watch but if you actually look at it, 5G is going to impact the “overall smart infrastructure” more than anything else. So, if you rely a lot on smart devices like automated self-driving cars, CCTV cameras or what we call today “internet of things”, 5G is going to be useful for you else it just doesn’t make sense to invest and pay a premium price for 5G phone especially when you are not even sure of the quality of the 5G services owing to our over-populated country.

Now, comes the second most important thing – Do we have the infrastructure in place that supports 5 G technology?

The answer here is also a big NO! India is just not ready for 5G network and it is unlikely that 5G networks will be live in India before the mid of next year. The 5G spectrum prices are too high for the debt-ridden telecom companies and they are not expecting to make any big money by getting into this technology, they feel. In fact, as per research firm TechArc, about 1.5 million 5G phones are expected to be sold in our country in 2020 which makes it just about 1% of the overall smartphones sales. Another recent report suggests that even by the year 2023, only 5% users will be using 5G technology with 4G still leading the game.

In India, the spectrum is not yet auctioned and the networks are far from being set-up. With 5G spectrum auctions expected only towards the year end or early next year, it is only by the year 2021 that India will be a bit ready. So, why invest in a phone that’s expensive but not able to prove its worth. 5G in India is just a new marketing gimmick used by cellphone companies to attract a customer. So, don’t get into that trap.

What will 5G networks mean for me?

  • Faster download and upload speeds
  • Smoother streaming of online content 
  • Higher-quality voice and video calls 
  • More reliable mobile connections
  • Greater number of connected Iota devices 
  • Expansion of advanced technologies – such as self-driving cars & smart cities

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