Life without a smartphone looks impossible. How a product that was launched to satiate our luxury needs has become a necessity is unbelievable. Book a cab, order food, manage your activity schedule, ring an alarm, click a picture, you say it and it does it.

To the extent that other gadgets like a clock, a camera or a planner look redundant now. All this sounds great and looks good till the time we use Smartphone as just a gadget where we control it but not when it plays havoc and starts controlling us. If we are in a social gathering, out for a family dinner or in the middle of an important business meeting but just can’t keep your eyes off the phone clearly means we have turned into a smartphone addict, yes, you get it right, an addict. In fact, a 2016 study showed that a normal tech person touches his/her screen a whopping 2,617 times a day. Isn’t it crazy?

Surprisingly, the only silver lining here is that the same smartphone which is a problem offers a solution too. With such smart apps that helps us curb our excessive smartphone use, you can actually maintain a good phone-life balance. How? Simply by using these brilliant apps –

  • Thrive – Good to set boundaries on smartphone usage, this app can easily help you block notifications, calls/ text messages, and other apps for a specified time. What else, you can create a customized message which can be automatically sent by the app to all those who try to call or message you during that time. So, next time you are working on an important project, use this app and stay away from all the distractions.
  • Forest -Stay Focused – A smart app that throws a challenge at you and makes the whole process interesting especially when you want to work on a specific task. Users are made responsible to plant a seed in the app and stay focused until it turns into a virtual tree. The moment you deviate to check a message, notification or any other app, the tree dies. On the contrary, if you stay focused, you could see your seed grow into a tree and then more trees growing into a forest. It also tracks your daily screen time and phone usage. Are you ready to take this challenge?
  • Quality Time – However, if you want to keep a tab on the overall usage of your phone and would be keen on a detailed report, this is the app to go in for. Download this app and get a daily or weekly report on how much time did you spend on your phone doing what all. Social Media, Chatting, Calling, Music, it is like an automatic diary that maintains a daily log of your smartphone activity that you can check and control wherever you feel you are going overboard.
  • Moment – Having started off as an app that simply tracked the smartphone usage, to a refined version with helped to keep a tab by setting a daily limit and getting a notification or an alert whenever the limit is crossed. This app has been in the business for a while and the latest version helps you tab your family’s device usage and establish a screen-free time for the family. Use this app to Spend a few moments with your family.
  • Digital Detox – An app developed by the VIMHANS doctors in India, this app aims to bring about behavioral changes among users. Right from asking users to mention their symptoms to questions like if excessive usage is affecting their studies, work or personal life, this app tracks down the pattern of the mobile usage and suggest self-help strategy. Highly useful for people who don’t want to accept the fact that they are phone addicts and wouldn’t seek the help of a doctor ever.

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