Smartphone buying has become more of a rat race today. People like to buy phones looking at what is trending in the market or what their family and friends are buying. Seldom do they realize that smartphone is something that offers personal experience and one should buy a phone that fulfills their personal needs and requirements. To each, it’s own as we say.

Though smartphone should be bought according to our taste and requirement but for those who are not very tech-savvy, it can be pretty confusing. Which one is the right pick can be intimidating. Broadly speaking, there are few basic things that one should consider before taking a final plunge.

Find below a lowdown on them –

1. Understand your need –

First and foremost, understand your usage. Smartphone today is used just not for calling or messaging but to conduct a few more tasks. You could be a heavy user working on PPT’s and mails through phone thus, wanting a phone with long battery life or you could need a phone with good storage capacity to save files, videos and other data. You could be an avid traveller wanting to capture all those beautiful moments using superior camera features or you could be a gamer who needs a phone with a powerful processor. There is no point in buying a phone that doesn’t fulfill your basic requirements. 

2. Fix a budget –

Looking at your need, the next step should be to know how much are you ready to spend? Research well, read reviews, compare prices and shortlist a few phones that fit in into your budget and needs.

3. Choose the operating system –

Smartphone world is divided between iOS and Android operating system each having its own pros and cons. If you are inclined to use Gmail, Google Maps, Google Pay or Google Assistant, Android is a better bet. Android phones are not so expensive and more customizable but they tend to get slow over time. On the other hand, iOs phones are simple, fast, more secured but expensive. So, weigh everything and decide what to choose. Whether you choose Android or iOs, choose a phone with the latest version.

4. Screen size and display –

With screen sizes getting bigger & bigger, handling a smartphone is getting tough. Prefer a phone that’s not too bulky and has a size easy to manage with one hand. Remember, usability and comfort are equally important. No matter what, basic features like quick swiping and easy typing should not be compromised upon because of the display type or size. Brightness and colour quality are also important. Experts suggest that an OLED screen of size 5.8 to 6.4 inches and a resolution of 1920X1080 p (Full HD) is good enough for regular use.

5. Features like Internal memory, storage & Processor –

When it comes to features like RAM/ROM/processor, experts suggest that a phone with 4 GB RAM, minimum 32/64 GB storage and Qualcomm Snapdragon processor is good enough for day to day use. If it is an Android phone, a micro SD card slot is a value add-on.

6. Camera quality –

Whether we accept it or not but clicking pictures or selfies is the favourite use we like to put our phone to. Though most of the high-end phones have exceptional cameras, the mid-range phones suffer the most. In such a scenario, what should bother you more are things like optical image stabilisation, dual lenses, manual modes, special effects and camera aperture and not the megapixel count. If all that sounds technical, the best option is to test the camera quality personally by clicking a picture with the phone at the nearest store.

7. Battery Life –

Last but not least, the battery of the phone. Features like large battery life and fast charging are important as we all want our phone to last long at least the whole day but here, a lot depends on our usage. Watching Netflix or shopping on Amazon are big-time battery drainers. So, invest in a phone with a bigger battery but most importantly, use your phone judiciously.

Once you have done all this, you would know which is the right phone for you. Buying a new phone is much simpler and easy now!!

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