Smartphones making our lives easier is quite heard of but smartphone helping us know our personality is very new. Wondering what it means? Hang on and Read below –

A new study done by RMIT, Australia shows our smartphone movement can easily tell the kind of personality we own with the help of accelerometer, the tiny sensor that tracks the phone movement. This is the latest in the line after previous studies where phone calling and messaging activity were used to predict the same.

“Activity like how quickly or how far we walk, or when we pick up our phones up during the night, often follows patterns and these patterns say a lot about our personality type,”

Flora Salim, Associate Professor at RMIT University in Australia

As it is, it is strongly believed that our physical activity has a strong connection with our personality and since our activity revolves a lot around phones these days, this new study seems quite relevant.

The study was done on a sample size of 52 people where participants were given a phone with sensing & collection software and when & how the phone was moving was being tracked and the number and time of calls & messages were noted. The results were then analysed on the basis of 5 important personality traits –

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smartphone movement personality prediction

Extraversion – Outgoing Vs Reserved means how talkative, sociable or energetic you are?

Key Findings – Outgoing people showed random patterns like meeting up different people, choosing unplanned options while introverted showed consistent movement on weekday evenings. So, basically, physical activity on weekend nights predict extroversion

Openness – Curious Vs Cautious means how curious & inventive you are?

Key Findings – Curious or innovative people make or receive lesser calls compared to others 

Agreeableness – Compassionate Vs Detached means whether you are friendly or hostile towards others

Key Findings – Agreeable people were busier on the weekday evenings as well as weekends and exhibited random activity plus made more calls as compared to others (detached)

Conscientiousness – Organised Vs Easy Going means how efficient, organized and careful you are

Key Findings – Organized people were found to have not contacted the same person in a short span of time

Neuroticism – Confidence Vs Nervous means how secured and confident you are

Key Findings – Neurotic or sensitive women were found to be moving around or checking their phones even past midnight while men did the opposite

The results of the study were found to be more relevant to factors like Neuroticism, Extraversion and Conscientiousness than the other two.

Though this is the first time the researchers have analysed the behavior using an accelerometer with traditional phone activity and would need more time to prove but what’s more fascinating is the fact that how these 2 seemingly unrelated activities have been co-related. 

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