What is the basic difference between an Android and an iOs operating system and why do a lot of people prefer Android over an iPhone? The biggest reason is that it is an open operating system that allows more flexibility. With this comes the biggest threat also that an Android phone gets easily affected by the malware. So, to fight against those, Google has a built-in defense system in place called Google Play Protect which is designed to keep your phone safe. Initially, it was launched just to scan apps installed from the play store but soon the services were extended to scan any app installed on an Android phone irrespective of the source.  

How Does Google Play Protect Works-

1. It runs a safety check on all the apps available on the Google Play store as well as from other sources before you download them

2. It warns the users about any potentially harmful app identified from other sources and removes them also

3. It sends out privacy alerts about those apps that can get user permissions to access a user’s personal information

So, make sure that your Google Play Protect is enabled to scan these apps. Though Google play store is enabled by default on your Android phone but there is no harm to double check. How to do it –

1. Go to Settings

2. Go to Security/ Security Status

3. Tap on Google Play Protect

Once you click and reach here, you will get to know which all apps were scanned recently, any harmful apps found and also an option to scan your phone on demand. If you get a screen like this, it means everything is fine so far.

Google Play protect| MobiGragae
Google Play Protect | MobiGarage

Other than this, there are a few more precautions that you must take to save your Android device from malicious activities

1. If you really want to download an app which isn’t there on the playstore, you are taking a risk. So, conduct a research thoroughly and check the review before you do so.

2. Install a free antivirus software like BT Virus Protect which protects your phone from virus, malware as well as ransomware. It is available on the Google Playstore. So, you can download it from there.

3. Log out as soon as you are done with a particular app or service.

4. Read the permissions carefully when you decide to download an app. Grant only those permissions which are absolutely necessary.

5. Don’t open links sent in SMS messages or emails unless you are very sure as they could be malicious in nature.

6. Save your important files, contacts and photos to a cloud backup service so that in case your device ever gets hit by any ransomware or virus attack, your data is safe and you are able to recover it.

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