The Best Of Innovations Unveiled At CES 2020The Best Of Innovations Unveiled At CES 2020Yes, we are talking about the annual Consumer Electronics Show popularly called as CES 2020 held in Los Angeles last month where the best of the best participated and showed us what would future consumer gadgets look like.

With millions and zillions of products being launched spanning various categories like computing, gaming, smart home tech, parenting, beauty etc, there were a few that stood out and made a lot of news. Which all?

Let’s take a look –

1. LG Rollable TV –

So far you had heard of a foldable phone or a laptop but a 65 inch rollable OLED TV by LG is a fresh and a lovely idea. Workable especially for people who don’t want to obscure a lovely sight behind the TV, it saves your space also when not in use. So, the moment you are done watching your favourite show, roll it in and it disappears in its cabinet and then roll it out with the press of a button and it spreads gloriously again.

LG Rollable TV
LG Rollable TV | MobiGarage
2. Samsung Ballie

Here comes a small softball-sized Robot that is designed to understand you and help you. It rolls around the house and responds to the commands and perform day to day tasks with the help of artificial intelligence capabilities, voice recognition and an in-built camera.

Samsung Ballie

Samsung Ballie | MobiGarage
3. Lumini Home

Technology coming to your mirror was never heard of before. So, here is a great innovation called Lumini Home – an AI-powered mirror that can analyse your skin in detail in just 10 seconds, can find out the efficacy of your skincare regime plus can provide you skin data-based personalised solutions and custom recommendations. Super!

Lumini Home
Lumini Home |MobiGarage
4. Mateo Bathroom Mat

Not just a simple bathroom mat rather a smart scale like mat that comes with 7000 pressure-mapping dots that measures your body mass index, weight, posture and sends information through an app on your phone. It keeps you aware of the general trend your body is following and alarms you in case of major variations.

Mateo Bathroom Mat
Mateo Bathroom Mat | MobiGarage
5. LG G8X Thinq

LG brings you a phone with two Screens making communication, navigating, researching easier for you and it’s indeed a boon for the gamers as they get a complete screen just to play and another one to control. What more, the second screen has its own battery and power source. Wow!

LG G8X Thinq | MobiGarage
LG G8X Thinq | MobiGarage
6. Moon Ultra

A cute, touch-sensitive, tiny clip-on that acts like a powerful light source when clicking a picture especially in dark backgrounds or at night. Useful for Android users for whom clicking bright images is always a challenge, it does wonders for people with darker skin tones too.

Moon Ultra
Moon Ultra | MobiGarage
7. SA1 Urban Air Taxi from Hyundai + Uber elevate

Haggling with the traffic in any metropolitan city is soon going to get over. Hyundai in partnership with Uber is planning to launch Air –taxi called SA1 or a flying cab in simpler words. The flying machine can accommodate 4-5 people, take you up to an altitude of 2000 feet using vertical take-off/ landing and is much quieter than a traditional helicopter. Now, get ready to fly to your office.  

Urban Air Taxi
Urban Air Taxi | MobiGarage
8. Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR

A car inspired by the movie Avatar with no doors but 33 movable, multi-directional bionic flaps that make it look like scales on a reptile. Offering immersive experience with crab-walk sideways movement and biometric connection, the flaps are used to communicate with the driver and the outsiders through subtle gestures. More so, the car consists of a lot of Vegan material like a compostable and recyclable battery.

Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR
Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR | MobiGarage

So, these were a few of the best that we could gather. Is there anything that you found out-of-the-world and we missed out? Do share with us in the comments below.