Things you need to know about refurbished iPhones

There has always been so much craze about iPhones but not everyone is able to buy it because of the expensive tag it owns. However, today we have got an affordable alternative, which is a refurbished iPhone. This is a best bet for anyone who is looking to save money or grab something high quality but affordable. Through this article, we’ll guide you about the essential things that you need to know about refurbished iPhones. It is always advisable to learn a bit about the product before really jumping into buying it. This gives you an idea of what you’re getting yourself into. 

So, let’s dive in right away! 

Firstly, what are refurbished iPhones? 

We’re pretty sure you know the answer to this but let us just define it for you once. Many people confuse the term ‘refurbished’ with ‘second-hand’ which isn’t really true. When a customer returns an iPhone within a few days of purchase because the phone is faulty or he/she did not like it for some reason, the product goes back, gets repaired, checked, brought back to proper working condition and then sold with the “refurbished” tag. These are your refurbished iPhones

How are ‘refurbished’ iPhones different from the ‘brand new’ ones? 

Well, honestly there’s not much of a difference. Refurbished devices are very similar to the new ones. Similar in terms of functioning, components used, memory, camera, battery, screen and almost everything. Yes, these phones may have been faulty in the past but then the faulty parts are replaced, making sure that everything is perfect. So yes, you can only expect minor differences in terms of looks. Otherwise, these devices function just as well as the new ones. 

How affordable are these iPhones? 

Extremely affordable! By purchasing refurbished IPhones you can actually save upto 70% of the original price. Yes, you heard it right! And this is what makes refurbished iPhones so attractive. Imagine, you’ll be able to bag an APPLE iPhone at a much cheaper price if you decide to pick refurbished! Doesn’t that sound good? 

Are these refurbished iPhones safe to purchase? 

Yes, of course. Because these devices are checked thoroughly before sending out for sales. In fact, testing is one of the most essential stages that they go through. These tests include hardware tests, software tests, checking of all the components, overall functioning and every other minute detail of it. In the process, if any issues are found, they all are rectified. The products are sent out for sale only and only when it passes all the tests. All this stringent process makes sure that you receive an approved refurbished device. 

Furthermore, refurbished iPhones also come with warranty depending on who you buy it from. Not all suppliers provide warranty on refurbished iPhones and we would advise you not to buy from such suppliers because then, it is a red signal. It is always advisable to purchase devices that are backed with warranty of reasonable period so that you can easily get things covered if any issue pops up. 

Final note

Ofcourse, buying an iPhone isn’t a piece of cake. It involves a good amount of investment and hence, the decision needs to be well thought of. So, as a final piece of advice, we would ask you to always buy from an established, known and trusted supplier. Always step back if you’re even 1% skeptical. Look for warranty, price, genuineness, condition, brand stability and then take a final call. 

Hope that answers most of your questions now. In case you have any further queries, please let us know through the comment section below. We’ll be more than happy to assist you. 
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