Things You Need To Know About The Latest Version Android 10

Kitkat, Lollypop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo. No! No! These are not the names of your favourite dessert but interestingly, these are Google’s Android Operating Systems. Google is known to have a sweet tooth when it comes to having its OS but now they are deviating. Yes, for the first time, they have opted for a simpler name and the latest OS version is called Android 10.

Though the name sounds simple the new features are not. They are impressive, more compatible with new 5G and foldable phone technology and aimed at making users’ life easier.

To give you a glimpse of what
android 10 is all about , read below –

1. Dark Mode Feature –

Android 10 has a system-wide dark theme. Accessible through the display setting menu, there is flexibility to turn it on and off anytime. A useful battery saving feature, it is also easy on eyes especially while using the phone at night. So, how do you want to use it – for a specific app or the entire phone, during the day time or only at night, the choice is yours.

Android 10 Dark Mode Feature | MobiGarage
Dark Mode Feature | MobiGarage

2. Smart Reply Feature –

The latest Android 10 allows smarter auto-generated replies in response to a message just like Gmail or FB messenger does. It also offers to straight away click on the video or Google location shared by someone in a message without requiring you to copy/paste the URL. The feature which works on all messaging apps makes things faster and better.

Android 10 Smart Reply Feature | MobiGarage
Smart Reply Feature | MobiGarage

3. Location Tracking Permissions –

We really don’t like technology getting too much into our lives and tracking us wherever we go and whatever we do. Use this feature and allow an app to track your location in 3 modes – always, never or only when the app is in use. Not only this, it intimates you if an app which is not in use is accessing your location.

 Android 10 Location Tracking Permissions | MobiGarage
Location Tracking Permissions | MobiGarage

4. Smoother Gesture Navigation –

The latest Android 10 version also offers a smooth gesture navigation system. Just slide your finger and go upward/ downward, backward/ forward wherever. No need to use the age-old home or back buttons placed at the bottom of the screen. However, if you are traditional types who are comfortable with those buttons, there is good news as this gesture-based navigation system is optional.

Android 10 Smoother Gesture Navigation | MobiGarage
Smoother Gesture Navigation | MobiGarage

5. Focus Mode –

Want to focus on a specific job you are at and don’t want unnecessary disruptions. Just select the apps which you find distracting like E-mails or Whatsapp and put them on silence mode till you are on Focus Mode.

Android 10 Focus Mode | MobiGarage
Focus Mode | MobiGarage

6. Sound Amplifier –

Use this feature to adjust the sound settings of your phone according to the surroundings. Doing so can improve the audio experience of your smartphone as you can boost the sound of the phone or even filter the noise in the background.

Android 10 Sound Amplifier  | MobiGarage
Sound Amplifier | MobiGarage

7. Important USB Warnings –

Users will now get a warning once the system detects overheated or wet USB port. To add on, any connected accessory will also get disabled automatically on such detection. That’s thoughtful.

Android 10 Important USB Warnings | MobiGarage
Important USB Warnings | MobiGarage

8. Family Link –

Embedded on all Android 9 and 10 versions, this tool can be used to monitor your kid’s smartphone usage. Parents can not only limit the screen time or a specific app time but can also keep a tab on what all apps are the kids using or installing.

Android 10 Family Link | MobiGarage
Family Link | MobiGarage

With such interesting android 10 features in place, we are expecting a great user experience. Now, try it on and share your feedback.

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