In our busy schedules today, do we ever realize the importance of keeping our phone clean? Look at the plight of our smartphones. We use it for every damn purpose but seldom do we take that extra care to protect or clean it. All of us by now know that a cellphone carries 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Yeah, a toilet seat! So, you can imagine the health hazard it carries when we take it along but inspite of knowing this fact, it is still our favourite time pass in the toilet.

So, in our two part series, we decided to share with you some simple handy tips to maintain the hygiene of your smartphone. The first article would tell you what simple things you could do to handle your phone responsibly to maintain the hygiene of the phone and the second part would tell you the right way to clean your phone.

So, come along and read through the following phone clean tips –

Keep your hands clean –

Needless to say that this should be the first step in this direction but on the contrary, it is such a basic but an often neglected thing. We touch so many things throughout the day and as a result pick up so many germs. So, washing them often with warm water and soap can keep the germs at bay.

Treat it as a personal item –

Remember, a smartphone is meant for your personal use not for your kids, family or friends. This is not to mean that you shouldn’t share your things with others but sharing your phone with others means multiplier bacteria exposure and none of us wants that. We can keep our hands clean but how can we take the responsibility of others?

Be responsible –

Avoid using your phone at some unsafe places. This could be a dinner table while having your everyday meal or at a pool, your bathroom sink, toilet seat, trash-can, a bathtub, kitchen slab or your dressing table. Not only is the phone susceptible to germs and bacteria at such places but also more prone to screen or water damages.

Act fast –

If even after trying all the above you end up staining your phone with dye, makeup, oil or any other sticky food, clean it up immediately with a microfiber cloth. You can also use an anti-microbial cover to keep the phone clean and safe.

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