Tips To Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

We love those big bright screens of our smartphones and love it more if it has some great apps that make our life easier. Not realizing that all these things consume the phone battery crazily and leave us hooked on to the charger all the time. So, what can be done to make a way midway through?
How the battery life of a mobile phone behaves on a particular day depends on how we have handled the phone battery in the past as well as on that particular day. So, sharing some basic tips/hacks that if followed would help the phone battery last longer.

How the battery life of a mobile phone:

1. Keep the screen on auto brightness/ dim mode – A bright screen is appealing to our eyes undoubtedly but not at the cost of harming the battery life in the long run. So, keep it dull or on auto mode for better results.

2. Make the Screen Sleep mode short/ short screen switch off time – Have you noticed the current screen timeout of your phone? That’s the time your screen remains on after every tap. So, check that and bring it down to the minimum possible by going to the Display settings menu.

3. Don’t expose the phone to extreme temperatures – Beware! Lithium-ion batteries work fine in a temperature range of 0-45 degrees. Any exposure above or below that range will hamper the performance of the battery.

4. Use Wi-fi/ Bluetooth/ Apps judiciously – Wi-fi, Bluetooth, Apps are big battery drainers. So, turn them off the moment you are done.

5. Put off the Vibrator Mode – Vibration takes a lot of power and consumes a lot of energy. So, why not pick a nice ringtone over vibrator mode?

6. Control your video content – Videos are today an important part of communication and we are bombarded with them all the time but since it is one of the most power consuming operation, better to be in control.

7. Avoid fast charging – Charging a phone using a fast charger reduces the storage of the battery. No matter how convenient it is but better to avoid when possible.