Tips To Improve Your Phone Battery Life

We are glued to the screens of our smartphones all the time. And, there is no doubt that smartphones have made our lives simpler. But, we don’t realize that overusing our phone consumes so much of its battery. As a result, our phone dies quickly and we run for our charger. One needs to take care of the battery life of one’s phone as it is like the ‘soul of our phone.

The battery drainage depends upon the usage of the phone, its apps, and other activities being done on the phone. There are many ways to maximize your phone’s battery life

Here are some handy tips one could use:

  1. You could try dimming the screen. Turning down the brightness of any screen helps preserve the battery’s life. This can be usually found in the Options or Settings menu. Keep the screen on auto brightness/dim mode – A bright screen gives a greater display experience but it is not good for the battery health in the long run. So, keep it dull or on auto mode for better results.
  1. Another way of conserving battery leakage is by keeping a tab on the screen timeout – Have you noticed the current screen timeout of your phone? That’s the time your screen remains on after every tap. So, check that and bring it down to the minimum possible by going to the Display settings menu.
  1. Don’t expose the phone to extreme temperatures – Beware! Lithium-ion batteries work fine in a temperature range of 0-45 degrees. Any exposure above or below that range will hamper the performance of the battery.
  1. Use Wi-fi/ Bluetooth/ Apps judiciously – Wi-fi, Bluetooth, and Apps are big battery drainers. So, turn them off the moment you are done to extend the phone’s battery life of your device.
  1. Put off the Vibrator Mode – Vibration takes a lot of power and consumes a lot of battery energy. So, why not pick a nice ringtone over vibrator mode?
  1. Today video consumption on the internet is the biggest binge content for everyone.    Unfortunately, it is also one of the biggest battery drainers so, keeping a check on one’s video consumption helps save battery.

  2. Avoid fast charging – charging a phone using a fast charger reduces the storage of the battery. No matter how convenient it is, it is always better to avoid it.

We hope that the above-mentioned tips will help you take care of the phone battery life of your phone. Finally, just by being a little more aware while using the phone, you can save your phone’s battery big time. 

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