Let’s admit that we all are addicted to our smartphones and we have our own reasons to do so. With so much dependency on our phones, our lifestyle has become such that we end up spending a lot of time glued to the screen. A recent research suggests that a human being spends on an average of 3 hours a day on the phone and that’s an alarming average.

Smartphone today is a multi faceted gadget. Be it general browsing, online shopping, gaming, health parameters checking, netflixing or even taking notes or responding to the emails, it has the ability to do about anything and everything.

What is the outcome? Eye fatigue, dry eyes, redness, headaches, irritability, blurred vision and in worst scenario retinal damage. If we suggest that you abstain from using the phone much, it wouldn’t work we know. So, we are suggesting a few tips that can definitely reduce the harmful effect on your eyes if followed. Let’s take a look –

1. Add an antiglare screen –

This is something which should be done by default. Some of the phones these days are equipped with anti-glare corning Gorilla glass but if not, then this is a must and please don’t compromise on the quality here.

Smartphone | MobiGarage
Smartphone | MobiGarage

2. Follow 20:20:20 rule –

Doctors suggest that taking a break every 20 min to look at something 20 feet away for about 20 second is like a good exercise for eyes. Leaving the phone and going for a short stroll every 40-50 min is another step you could take.

3. Use the optimal screen mode –

Brightness, Contrast and font size are three important aspects of a phone screen. So, don’t keep it to extremes. Rather, keep the brightness and contrast moderate and according to the light in the environment around or alternatively, switch over to an auto-mode. Similarly, larger text is better for your eyes. So, keep the text size optimal to reduce stress on your eyes.

Smartphone | MobiGarage
Smartphone | MobiGarage

4. Blink, Blink and more Blink –

Blink 10 times every 20 minutes. Follow this golden rule to naturally moisten your eyes and reduce the bad effect. Blinking also helps eye refocus and splashing water on your eyes also helps.

5. Use the blue light filter –

The screens today emit blue light which is stressful and pretty bad for retina. To fight that out, most of the phones have some form of blue light filter in the display settings. Applying it helps tone down the colour of the screen that is less stressful on the eyes.

6. Maintain a distance –

Keep the phone screen about 16-18 inches away while use. We tend to keep the screen close for a better view but that’s not healthy at all. So, keep it away.

7. Keep the screen clean –

It is the most basic but a neglected fact. Keeping the screen clean is not only important from hygiene point of view but also for eyes. Marks add on strain on the eyes. So, why take that unnecessary stress? Use a soft microfiber cloth and wipe down the screen on regular basis.

Smartphone | MobiGarage
Smartphone | MobiGarage

8. Don’t use a cracked screen for long –

Research shows that a person breaks his phone within 10 weeks of purchase and most of the times continue using it with a cracked or a broken screen. Seldom realizing that using this cracked screen could do much more harm not only to the phone but to the eyes as well. 

Since smartphones are something that we can’t do without. So, the minimum that we can and we should do is following the above tips. They will surely be helpful if followed properly. You don’t follow them and things could just get worse. So, beware!!

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