Wishing you all a very happy, joyous and healthy 2021!

The new year brings with it a lot of new hopes, new trends and new innovations. So, what technology trends are most likely to dominate 2021 will be interesting to see? Well, if 2020 was dreadful, we are wishing 2021 to be astonishing. 10 days into this year and we’re already having some good news!  Like? The COVID vaccination being available, Tesla plus 5G driving to India and 75% approval rating of our PM. So yeah, there’s some ray of hope and we pray that it shines brighter in the tech industry!

So, what are the top 7 technology trends expected in 2021? Let’s begin –

1. Growth of the online gaming industry

The COVID-19 quarantine phase has inclined players from physical sports to online gaming. In recent times, e-sports experienced massive growth in the number of users and the amount of time spent. Easy availability of the internet and smartphone is one major reason for the same. Game developers all over are constantly striving to improve gaming experience and rewriting codes for various platforms. Launches of PUBG Mobile India and Fau-G will undoubtedly set off a new wave of interest. The online gaming industry is estimated to reach $196 billion in revenue by 2022! This signifies the HUGE HUGE potential for the future growth of the online gaming industry. Get set to play.

2. Chargers are going away

After Apple’s decision to not include chargers with its products, companies like Samsung and Xiaomi have also decided to follow the same and others are also deciding. Soon, this will become a norm as this move not only allows cost reduction but also reduces E-waste and optimizes shipping since the reduced size allows the companies to ship more devices. Further, this move will lead to an increase in demand for aftermarket chargers. This move is suggested as it is assumed that the majority of the users already own a charger. So, why give them another when it has to go waste.

3. Continued innovation drive in phone cameras

Innovation is being experienced in smartphones in terms of design, software, features, etc. and that one area where innovation is continuous and important is ‘camera’. Companies experimenting with different lenses, software effects and AI improvements are set to improve the camera quality and would tempt people to buy their product for sure.

4. Satellite internet access 

CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk is planning to introduce the Starlink broadband internet connection service in India mid-2021. Indian Government would work on updating policies for the establishment of satellite-based broadband technology and once done, we would have internet access all over the country rather than just in urban and suburban areas. This would lead to the massive growth of the mobile industry.

5.  5G wireless technology

5G network is already accessible in many parts of the world, but our country does not have it yet. Hopefully, we’ll witness some movement on this front in 2021 especially after a huge announcement from Reliance Jio. Many of the smartphones are already 5G capable and other mid-range models would have it fairly soon. 5G promises to peak data speeds up to 100 times faster than the 100 MVPs of 4G. We could be accessible to 5G by 2021 if the required expenses are managed by the operators. So, let’s pray for the best.

6. Cloud-based mobile apps

Cloud technology is a mobile app technology, which enables enterprises to store a huge amount of data. This technology when united with Mobile App improves the storage capacities, productivity and collaboration. Apps like Google, Twitter, Pixel and YouTube already use cloud technology and more and more organizations will be using this technology in the years to come.

7. M-commerce

M-commerce stands for mobile commerce. It enables the management of online business transactions through wireless gadgets like mobile phones and tablets. The use of m-commerce activity is growing day by day and hence, most of the firms prefer employing this technology in the mobile app. By 2021, the m-commerce share in e-commerce is foreseen to rise to 72.9% and that’s humongous.

So, these were 7 most likely tech trends for 2021. Let’s pray and hope that things get back to normal and we witness these interesting tech trends soon. 

What do you feel about these trends? Are they likely to happen or are they not?
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