What Are Refurbished Phones? How Are They Different From Second-Hand?

If you want to buy a phone outright and are on a limited budget, buying a refurbished phone is the best alternative. These phones are cheaper. A lot cheaper. Further, these are professionally checked and repaired. So, there isn’t much to worry about. BUT there’s a lot of confusion regarding these refurbished phones in the market. Most of the people have got a lot of misconceptions about these phones and perceive them as used, second hand or unboxed phones. We’re here to clear all of those confusions and place the actual definition and facts before you. 

So, let’s begin!

What are refurbished phones? 

The term “refurbished mobile phone” refers to the handset that has been returned by the consumer to the manufacturer for having some kind of fault, which is then repaired by the manufacturer and is sold with a “refurb” tag. Before sending the device out into the market, the manufacturer makes sure that the device has been thoroughly checked, tested and is functioning well. The prices of these mobile phones are far less than the new ones because the device is pre-owned though for a very short duration. Picking a refurbished phone is an ideal way to shop for smartphone if you’re looking for a budget friendly alternative. 

What is the difference between a refurbished phone and a second-hand phone?

Most of the people confuse refurbished phones with second hand phones, when these two are two different terms. A second-hand phone is the one which was once owned by a consumer and was used for comparatively longer period. Whereas, the refurbished phone is the one which is returned UNUSED. These devices are returned due to some flaws in them and hence, is not used by the consumer at all. You can call a device second-hand if and only if it is pre-used. 

What is the difference between a refurbished phone and an unboxed phone?

Unboxed phones are the ones which were unboxed and then, returned to the company unused. These are neither used nor defective. The reason of return could be anything but not defect. These devices are accompanied with original box, accessories and warranty. Again, do not confuse refurbished phones with unboxed ones. Refurbished phones are opened, used for a short while but returned due to some defects but these defects are fixed by the company before selling again but unboxed phones are opened but not used as the user changes his mind and returns as it is. So, these phones do not require repairing but they are quite expensive than the refurbished phones. 

That was it! 

“Refurbished”, “second-hand” and “unboxed” are three different terms. 

We hope this is clear to you now. In case of any further queries regarding refurbished phones, feel free to reach out to us. We at MobiGarage provide wide range of best quality refurbished phones.