Why are refurbished phones priced so low?

One of the major factors that attract customers towards refurbished smartphones or any refurbished device for that matter is “the affordable” price tag it has. The refurbished devices are usually available at up to 70% lower prices than the new ones. Yes, this sounds super rosy but also evokes tons of questions in the customers’ minds. Those questions include – “How can the smartphones of the same brand and the same model be priced so differently?”, “Are these smartphones the original ones?”, “Would they be of cheaper quality?” and whatnot.

Customers have an illusion that higher-priced products are of better quality and the ones priced lower are of inferior quality. This is exactly what makes you all ponder over the above-mentioned questions. Well, do not worry. We’ll be clearing all of these doubts through this article. So, let’s get started.

Why are refurbished devices priced so low?

First things first, before proceeding with anything else, let’s understand why these refurbished devices are priced so low? A refurbished mobile phone is a pre-owned device that is sent back to the retailer due to some faults or simply because the customer did not like it. Later, these smartphones are fully tested and repaired by the retailer (if faulty), brought back to smooth working condition and then, sold with the “refurbished” tag.

Now, because these mobiles are no more “brand-new” as they were pre-owned (though for a short period), not sealed in their original box with some part/parts having been repaired or replaced. Hence, these devices cannot be priced just like “brand-new”. So, the lower price.

Does the lower price mean not the original product or inferior quality product?

Definitely not my friend. This is the most common myth. Refurbished phones are of premium quality and can function as smooth as a brand-new does. BUT, you need to make sure that you purchase from a trusted and certified supplier. If not, you may get into unnecessary trouble.

We, at MobiGarage, assure you that the refurbished smartphones that we provide are of premium quality. We would not disappoint you at all. In addition, we provide a warranty on all our devices. So, if any issue pops up within the warranty period, we’ll get it covered. Buying refurbished smartphones from MobiGarage is absolutely safe!

Another thing, in order to make sure that you bag a quality device, purchase from the supplier only if he’s willing to provide you the warranty. If not, take it as the red signal and look for other suppliers.

Are refurbished mobiles worth buying?

Refurbished Mobiles

A big yes. No doubt, new phones seem attractive to all of us but guys trust us, refurbished ones are no less. In fact, considering the environmental impact and our budget, refurbished phones are more preferable. The affordable price, eco-friendliness quality, warranty provided, certified components used and smooth functioning definitely make refurbished devices worth purchasing.

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So, we hope the above answers all your queries and concerns. If you are still in doubt and want to get more clarity, feel free to reach out to us at 9999123511 or leave a query in the comment section below. Our team will revert to you shortly and be happy to assist you. Till then, choose refurbished, save big, go happy!