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Why Buy From MobiGarage?

If you are looking for a dream phone at an affordable cost, you are at the right place. MobiGarage gives you a chance to buy premium quality refurbished phones at pocket-friendly prices. Each phone at MobiGarage is rigorously checked and inspected on 51 points and revamped using certified components and spares. No wonder the final version of the refurbished mobile that you get looks pristine and just-like-new. With a wide range of refurbished smartphones, you are spoilt for choice too. Be it Apple’s range of refurbished iPhones or refurbished Android phones like Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Oneplus, Realme, you can choose whatever fits your need.


You must have come across this term called Refurbished phones and often confused them with used phones or second-hand phones. So, what is it that makes them different and better? Let’s check out

First thing first, it’s important to understand what refurbished phones are? A refurbished phone is a pre-owned device that has been returned by a customer for having minor flaws or simply because of a customer's change of mind. This device is then revamped (if faulty), brought back to proper working condition and only then, sold with a "refurbished" tag. We at MobiGarage,make sure that such devices are properly inspected, repaired and show minimal traces of usage. So, you need not worry about the quality as they work just-like-new. (given that you shop from a trusted supplier like us).
There are a lot of myths surrounding refurbished phones like they're second-hand, fraudulent, in broken and bad condition and what not. But guys...trust us.These are just myths and on a contrary, a refurbished phone comes with a number of pros. The most attractive is it’s Pricing. You can easily save as much as up-to 70% by picking refurbished! Further, it IS NOT like a typical second-hand phone as it is professionally checked, repaired and brought back to proper working condition. Further, we also provide warranty on our devices. So, if any issue pops up (in rare cases), you can easily replace it. And do you know that by picking refurbished, you're being kind to the environment? Yes, refurbished phones are an eco-friendly alternative as they reduce the contribution to e-waste. So, isn’t it a wise choice?
With so many local players available in this unorganised market, it is important to know what all should you check before deciding to buy a refurbished mobile. Half the job is done if you choose a reliable seller. Check and compare the prices, ask for warranty, look for a phone whose network is compatible with all other mobile networks and check the physical condition of the phone before taking a final plunge.
Well, another important question and the most important reason is our technical team of experts and the stringent processes and quality checks that they follow. Yes, we have a 51-point inspection process where every detail of the phone is looked into. To add on, we offer a wide range of phone inventory and our prices are most competitive in the market. The phones are repaired or rehauled using best-quality certified components and are offered with 6 months warranty. So, that takes care of all your worries.